Roshni and Mihir share the classic story of meeting in high school and building the foundation that would eventually lead them to holy matrimony. Although it was always evident the two would eventually tie the knot, Mihir still managed to make his proposal a surprise! The theme of his proposal was in the adorable form of a scavenger hunt and you can catch all the details below where Maharani Roshni gushes about her special day. Their weekend long celebration included a garba night, mehndi night, wedding and reception. Both the wedding and reception were held at the LaCentre Conference & Banquet Facility. Planning multiple events and multiple days of celebration required a lot more coordination and Party Decor took on the task of making sure all events intertwined seamlessly. This is one Indian Wedding that was simple yet elegant and Roshni was determined to find the perfect traditional panetar, which is a white sari with red bhandhini borders, for her wedding day. She traveled across the world to India to find the best outfits and she looked absolutely stunning in both her wedding and reception lengha. Both of her lenghas had a subtle flair that was fit for this Gujarati wedding. The wedding ended up with a bang as fireworks were set off to celebrate the wedding celebrations which rocked out into the reception! Take a looksie at the film by Making the Moment, who also was the photography masters at hand and read on as Roshni takes us through her love journey.

Maharani Weddings was able to get the deets straight from the bride herself!

How did you meet your Raja and when did you know he was "the one"?

Mihir and I met when we were in high school and we have been inseparable ever since! We are high school sweethearts! At first, I didn't think he was someone that I would see myself with, but after becoming friends and getting to know him, it made me realize that this is someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. I saw how caring and genuinely good hearted he was and I knew this is someone that will always be there for me. I knew he was "the one", because he brought out the side of me that I didn't know existed. He taught me to always aim for the stars and to be great at everything you pursue. He taught me that life is an adventure, and you should make the most of each day. He brings out the best of me, and I knew then that this is someone I want to be with forever.

Do you have a super romantic proposal story or engagement memory?

Mihir proposed to me with a secret scavenger hunt around Cleveland with clues at each location. I received a text from Mihir that said "Go check your front door step for a package." We have done surprise gifts for each other in the past so I thought “Oooh, he must have bought me a gift". I go to the doorstep and I find a wrapped box and I open it to find a dress in it and a note that read "Today is the day that we have been waiting for" and a clue for my first location. I get to the Chinese food place at the mall where we had shared many plates of Chinese food, and of course the cashier gives me the next clue to the park we used to go and play tennis. I get there and I see an envelope is taped to the ground with my clue where we had our first date. I go the movie theatre and outside by the boards I received my next and final clue. I headed to the park where we use to go hiking and sat by a small pond and just talked for hours. I am walking along the path and and I get to this tiny bridge where he was waiting to propose.

How did you choose your lengha or lenghas? Did you work with a certain designer? Did you spend hours on the internet first?

I traveled to India with my mom and my in-laws to shop for my garba, mehndi, wedding and reception lengha. We traveled to Ahmedabad, Surat, and Bombay in search for the perfect lengha for each event that would make me feel and look beautiful for each event.

I wasn't the typical bride that had centerpiece ideas or cake designs or decor ideas for the wedding day, but there was one thing that I had always dreamed of and it was a perfect panetar with the traditional bright reds and white in color. I looked in several cities and tried on handfuls of wedding lengths before I reached Surat. When I tried on my panetar and the moment I came out of the fitting room, I knew it was  the one. I didn't need to think about it twice to make the decision that it was the one I wanted on my wedding day! We also customized each of Mihir's outfits to match my lenghas.

Looking back, was there a really special moment that you remember from your wedding that stands out as the most magical?

Coming out on the doli was a very special moment for me. It felt just perfect going down the aisle to marry the love of my life. I didn't feel nervous for a moment going down the aisle. I knew this was everything I've ever dreamed of. Once the curtain (Antarpat) that separated Mihir and I was removed and when I saw him at the altar, his smile was the most amazing moment of the wedding for me. His smile radiated so much happiness and excitement. I can still feel the same happiness I felt then when I think back to us looking at each other and smiling and feeling like we were the only people in that room at that moment.

Did family or friends help out with certain special details that really added to the event?

Our family and friends were such a huge part of the planning process. Both sets of parents were so supportive in our decisions and guided us through the entire process. We did not have a wedding planner so having the support of family and friends through little hiccups throughout the weekend kept everything so smooth. Mihir and I planned majority of the details, and the support of the family helped us to execute everything perfectly!


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Photography: Making the Moment Photography | Cinematography: Making the Moment Photography | Design & Planning: Party Decor