Good morning, Maharanis! We have prepared something really special for you today, and we are so excited to share it with you! We know that you are going to love this wedding ceremony, so without further due, let's venture on a trip to India! You heard right! We are visiting the magical and vibrant India to join Katherine & Davaish at their wedding celebration. This lovely couple that has traveled over 20 countries decided that there was no better place to start a lifetime of marriage than at the majestic, traditional and colorful India. And they have invited us to share this experience with them, so let's head into it! We are starting this story by taking a glance to the beautiful shots that Mahima Bhatia Photography captured while our gorgeous Katherine was getting ready for her big day. We love how every single shot immortalized the most tender and beautiful moments of our blushing Maharani, who just a few heartbeats away from upgrading her title to Mrs. The wavy hairstyle, the nude makeup, and the red lipstick praised Katherine's natural beautify and was perfectly combined with the bright coral lengha with golden patterns used for this once in a lifetime event. And we are loving this traditional and elegant look! Once the final look was complete, our sweet Maharani was ready to go meet Davaish for an outdoor photo shoot that will make your heart melt with joy! But before we unveil the photoshoot, don't forget to check today's gallery for more details regarding this celebration of love!

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photo #235269
photo #235271
photo #235286
photo #235282
photo #235299

We know that you want to take a peek to Katherine & Davaish's lovely photoshoot, so stay close if you don't want to miss it! 

Ceremony Venue: Hostie Lal Darwaza | Planning & Design: Designer Events Inc | Floral & Decor: Designer Events Inc | Event Designer: Designer Events Inc | Catering: One Fine Meal | Photography: Mahima Bhatia Photography