Welcome back, Maharanis! We know that you couldn't resist it, you were so captivated by Katherine & Davaish's love story that you couldn't wait to check more about it. So, there is no need to keep on waiting as we are back with more details of this memorable and intimate event. This time, we will be joining our lovebirds at the Hostie Lal Darwaza for a romantic and fun-loving photoshoot. You know that a perfect love story requires a perfect setting as well, and by taking a look at this photo shoot, we can tell that Katherine & Davaish couldn't have asked for a better scenario to perpetuate their love through a photo session. The rustic and traditional background combined with the elegant and captivating presence of our lovebirds creates an incredible scene, that it seems to be taken out from an ancient and beautiful Indian fairy tale. We are impressed by how the love of this couple fills the ambiance and gets passed onto us. There is no doubt that there are meant for each other! We want to do a big shoutout to Mahima Bhatia Photography, as it is thanks to their remarkable talent that we get to enjoy these magical and charming scenes. If you are like us, and can't get enough of this lovely couple, don't miss the gallery that we have prepared for today. You are going to be amazed! 

photo #235298
photo #235718
photo #235296
photo #235301
photo #235293
photo #235302
photo #235300

We still have one more stop before getting to the end of this trip! Join us at Katherine & Davaish's wedding ceremony if you want to check the final outcome of this lovely story. 

Ceremony Venue: Hostie Lal Darwaza | Planning & Design: Designer Events Inc | Floral & Decor: Designer Events Inc | Event Designer: Designer Events Inc | Catering: One Fine Meal | Photography: Mahima Bhatia Photography