Welcome back to Maharani Mridul's grand finale in the opulent country of India. The palace doors were swinging at my one my favorite wedding venues to date as Mridul and Dev made their love debut. Stunning. And more stunning is the only words coming to mind right now because I am simply at a loss for words. To the bride, Mridul, I think it's time for you to plan my own Indian wedding (anniversary) through BollyWed Dance because each image captured by Photo Tantra is sheer perfection. The talented photographer took the bride through a tour of India and captured all the lovely moments from behind the lens. I love shots that are taken outside of the crazy atmosphere of Indian weddings and these cinematic photographs are making my day. In the gallery, you will find a cornucopia of fun just waiting for your perusal. 

photo #197807
photo #197808
photo #197811
photo #197809
photo #197814
photo #197816
photo #197845

I will return bright and early tomorrow to dish out the deets of more stellar Indian weddings. See you then! 

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