As the twilight merged with the azure waters of the Harborside Marina, the Engage!23 Welcome Party at The Boca Raton unfurled its splendor, marking the grand finale of 2023's social calendar with a nautical flair that was both enchanting and exhilarating. Drawing inspiration from the opulent Yacht Club, the nautical-themed party transformed the serene coastal landscape into a vibrant tableau of elegance and excitement, where the ocean's azure met the sky in a symphony of colors. Amidst this idyllic setting, a colossal 40-foot ice sculpture stood majestically, a beacon of creativity and artistry, commanding the awe of every eye. But the charm didn't end there; hushed whispers hinted at surprises planned by the Captain, stirring a wave of anticipation and curiosity amongst the attendees.

As the evening wore on, the seamless transition to the 'Nauti at Night' After Party inside the Palm Court and Cathedral Room added a new dimension to the festivities. Here, the ambiance was a harmonious blend of sophistication and revelry as guests indulged in delectable hand-filled cannolis and sipped on decadent espresso martinis, their spirits uplifted by the rhythmic beats and the mesmerizing laser light show that painted the night in a kaleidoscope of colors. The entire event, a masterpiece orchestrated by Engage SummitsBoca by DesignTPD Design House, and their esteemed partners, was a testament to their prowess in creating an experience that was not just a celebration but a journey through luxury, innovation, and unparalleled entertainment. The Engage!23 Welcome and After Party at The Boca Raton was more than an event; it was a spectacle of grandeur and jubilation, a fitting tribute to the end of a remarkable year, and a beacon of hope and joy for the times to come.

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Event: Engage Summits | Host Property: The Boca Raton | Event Design / Stage / Floral: Boca By Design | Art Direction / Branding / Paper / Design Support: TPD Design House | Cocktail Experience: Cocktail Academy | Spirit Partners: Don Julio Tequila | Spirit Partners: Ketel One Vodka United States | Spirit Partners: Mr Black Spirits | Linens / Furniture: Nuage Designs Inc | Laser Light Show: Liquid Sky Laser Show | Rentals / Bars / Chairs / Tables: Lavish Event Rentals | Sound: Encore | Band / DJ Booth: Rock With U | Immersive Entertainment: Élan Artist | Creative Lighting Design: Jacob Co Creative | Chandeliers: Signature Chandeliers | Umbrella Wall / Swings / Oar Wal / Bar Backs: Event Effects Group | Serving Pieces / Flatware / Plates: Different Look Rentals | Dance Floor Wrap / Dancer Platforms / Anchor: White Door Events | Tropical Foliage: Jeren Tropicals | Drone Show: Jordan Kahn Orchestra | Orbs / Candles: Andrea Liguori - Velati Candles | Banga Booth: BangaBooth | Living Walls: Brelex Event Rentals | Coffee Hub: Coffee Hub Cafe | Candles: Velati Candles | Photography: Afrik Armando | Photography: Phillip VN Weddings | Photography: Carter Rose | Photography: Garrett Richardson | Photography: Elizabeth Lanier Photography | Photography: Anya Kernes | Photography: Jessica Rieke | Photography: Charla Storey