Sweeties, the lovely union of Aishwarya & Kunal is a testament to this timeless truth. Their journey to forever began with a beautiful ceremony in Thane, India, followed by a breathtaking reception in the heart of Philadelphia. Aishwarya looked like a vision in her Mohey bridal attire. Her smile illuminated the room as she made her grand entrance at the Hotel Tip Top Plaza in Thane. The talented Kajal Mehndi Artist adorned Aishwarya's hands with intricate henna designs, symbolizing love and happiness. Disha Karia worked her magic, creating a flawless bridal look that left Kunal mesmerized.  After their enchanting celebration in India, our lovebirds took their love across the ocean to Loews Philadelphia. The venue's elegant charm provided the perfect backdrop for their love story to continue. The decor, once again, was a sight to behold, with every detail planned and designed to perfection. Dear Maharanis, we invite you to explore our photo gallery, where both The Wedflix and Dreamline Productions LLC have expertly captured this love story. The Wedflix beautifully portrayed their journey, and Dreamline Productions LLC skillfully turned these moments into timeless memories, inspiring hearts for generations to come. Come and enjoy the gallery we compiled for you!

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The funny thing about the proposal is that a couple of days before it happened, I started to suspect something was up. I could tell he was nervous, and we had been talking about getting married so it was a matter of when. He told me that his work was having a cruise around the San Francisco bay and was departing from Pier 7. I've never seen boats anchored at Pier 7 so that definitely made me wonder. Sure enough, when we got there, I saw a woman holding a nice DSLR camera. I remember thinking, "Wow, she'll get some nice shots, it's a beautiful day today." She ended up being our proposal photographer minutes later. Naturally, I was ecstatic with him asking, and we went to dinner to celebrate. I thought that this was all that was planned (till next year) because a lot of our friends live far away. To my complete (yes, complete this time), a week later, we were going out to lunch but lunch turned out to be a surprise engagement party with our friends in attendance that he had planned. It was such a special day.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
Our guests really appreciated that we brought our wedding party to various places across countries and continents so that there were multiple opportunities to celebrate. We also did our best to incorporate both cultures (Marathi and Punjabi). From the proposal in San Francisco to the Hindu wedding ceremony in Thane, followed by receptions in Delhi and Philadelphia, you could say we've had a whirlwind wedding tour.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The baraat on Market Street in Philadelphia. That was the coolest thing I've ever done, and to see so many people assemble for us touched us both deeply. I wish I could do it again!

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?

Remember to reflect every now and then on how far you and your partner have come. On all the other relationships and events in your life that have shaped you who are. On your worlds combining and becoming one. Truly, nothing else matters.

 What a great way to get inspired, isn't it, ladies? See you tomorrow for more love stories!

Photography: Dreamline Productions LLC | Venues: Loews Philadelphia Hotel | Ceremony Venue: Hotel Tip Top Plaza | Hair & Makeup: Disha Karia | Bridal Fashions: Mohey | Mehndi Artist: Kajal Mehndi Artist | Photographer: The Wedflix