Monday is here, my dear Maharanis, and I want to start this week with a lovely Engagement Photoshoot! I know you will love today's lovebirds: Malavika & Jai. They are a young couple that decided to write their love story together. As you know, love surpasses any situation, so before saying "I do" in an elegant Gujarati Wedding, these lovebirds chose to immortalize their happiness through the most romantic outdoor pictures taken by Hakim's Studio. Elegance, colorfulness, and nature combined perfectly to decorate Malavika & Jai's pictures. Can you imagine being portrayed with your soulmate, holding hands on an adorable bridge, or having a waterfall in the background and fall in love again? Our couple did it, and the results are outstanding! And I cannot stress enough how much I adore this couple. And I know you will too! Maharanis, let me invite you to check out the most beautiful pictures by heading over to the fabulous gallery we have compiled for you today!

photo #323368
photo #323381
photo #323379
photo #323386
photo #323374
photo #323383
photo #323407
photo #323393
photo #323400
photo #323405
photo #323408

My dear Maharanis, make sure to join us tomorrow for a new romantic love story!

Photography: Hakim's Studio