As times evolve, we've seen how, little by little, intimate weddings have soon become a trend that seems to be continuing for the years to come. Now, more than ever, brides and grooms are eagerly looking for high-end properties that will give them all the luxe details they desire but with a unique, individualized touch that will make their wedding celebration go to the next level.

And, as always, we are here to help you make your dream wedding come to life. That is why we would like to share all the amazingness that The Kessler Collection has to offer. Founded by Richard Kessler in 1984, Kessler® is a visionary hospitality brand that owns, develops, and manages specialty hotels, restaurants, and retail that treat guests to the Bohemian Lifestyle and unique experiences with a twist.

The Kessler Collection's portfolio of passionately created and artistically inspired boutique hotels boast chic design, luxurious accommodations, enriching ambiance, and intuitive service. Whether you are visiting their properties in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, or South Carolina, each hotel's exquisite art, music, and cultural influences are deliberately approachable and enjoyable for you and all your wedding guests.

Designed to inspire mystique and unforgettable experiences, Kessler guests get immersed in re-defined Bohemian luxury, from an 1888 historic hotel and a cutting edge downtown icon to a premiere luxury lodge, high design southern mansion, and elite ski lodge. And, much like an Indian Wedding, the love is truly in the details, and at Kessler, they have the details covered... Most of the time in 24-karat gold leaf!

The Kessler Collection has everything you need to make your wedding stand out, as they are not for those wanting what has always been done, but for those who want to leave the familiar behind for something truly exceptional. So, wait no more, visit The Kessler Collection's portfolio and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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