Welcome back, beautiful Maharanis! We want to end this phenomenal week with the beautiful and memorable love story between Rodashi & Daniel, an event that will steal your breath away! To begin this journey, let me tell you that this wedding ceremony was adorable and entirely emotive. By reliving this story, you will be able to feel the love that surrounded this beautiful gala. Rodashi's father shed a few tears while walking down the aisle with her beautiful daughter. Simply amazing! Karma Events is the mastermind behind the organization of this memorable event. They orchestrated our lovebird's dream wedding. Such talent! You will be amazed by how two different cultures gathered to celebrate Rodashi & Daniel's promise of love. As you scroll down, you will witness the perfect environment that filled every single corner of the Bedi Mansion. And the floral arrangements crafted by Feriani Florals added a special touch to the gala. Once the ceremony ended, an epic celebration began. Quiet Events DJ's endless repertoire played directly to the ears of every single guest, making them dance for hours. Everyone had a blast! Today you're invited to relive this love story by visiting this spectacular gallery by George Street Photo & Video. It is mindblowing!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
I met him at our first job at the college point movie theater. We just talked as friends and then I knew I was falling for him when he wouldn't text me back and I was upset about it lol! But being Bengali Muslim and him Colombian was always a big no-no for us. It was a big back and forth with myself to go through with this but time and time again he has proven that we would be able to face anything together.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
He had told me that he got Broadway tickets for 12/28. The reason why he said this was because I never dress up unless it's a special occasion or we have a party to go to. So he had me dress up and it was pouring rain so my hair was already getting bad...and we haven't even left the house. Then he asked if I was hungry to have a quick snack. Before I can answer he brought out a box of chicken nuggets and obviously I got excited. So he went down on one knee and I started laughing because I thought he was being dramatic. Then he opens the box of nuggets and the box was empty and all there was in there was an open jewelry box with the most perfect ring! I started to fall back and he had to grab my wrist. The first thing I said was... "where are the nuggets?" and we started laughing and crying and all of a sudden my doorbell rang and all my friends and family were waiting outside our door to congratulate us. It was so chill we ordered pizza and hung out and took pictures. I always thought I wanted a big public proposal as my dream but this was so personal and perfect and it was very us.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I went to Nazranaa in NJ because I basically stalked their Instagram profile and their dresses were beautiful. I always wanted something in gold because I never liked the traditional bright red in our culture for weddings. I tried on a few dresses but then they brought out a full antique traditional gold heavy jeweled lehenga with matching dupatta. In the end, I had chosen to get a maroon dupatta to give it a splash of color and get some of the traditional looks.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
I think the most enjoyable process was really going through the walkthrough a week before the wedding. We decided to do a covid wedding at an Airbnb and it was so much fun. We practiced walking down the aisle and the music timing and it was the first time you get an idea of seeing everything come together!

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
They loved that it was so chill. I don't think an Indian wedding guest will deny that the best part (aside from the wedding) is being able to get out of the heavy clothes and relaxing. That was the opportunity everyone had at my wedding. They were able to dress up for all the pictures and change and relax and enjoy the rest of the night in the back yard with good drinks, people and food.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
There were two moments that play constantly in my head and they were both during the ceremony. The first moment was seeing my day cry when giving me away to my husband. My dad is not an emotional person what so ever so this took me by surprise. He was also my biggest supporter in this whole situation of us being interracial. So I had to try my hardest to keep it together because my makeup was BOMB lol. The second moment was my sister's speech. She was my maid of honor so she went up in front of everyone and just broke down and I had to look away. She's my older sister even though we are twins and it made my heart happier than ever that she was so happy for me.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Do not harp on big weddings! Smaller weddings are sooo much better because you know everyone that's there and you can have all the intimate moments and not worry about having to cater to everyone because you are so close with them.

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Planning & Design: Karma Events | Ceremony Venue: Bedi Mansion | Floral & Decor: Feriani Florals | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Shams | Catering: Jackson Diner | DJ: Quiet Events DJ | Cake & Treats: Buttercooky Bakery | Rentals: Elite Tent | Photography: George Street Photo & Video | Jewelry & Dres: Nazranaa | Mehndi: Henna Queens NY