Good morning, darlings! Let's start this Friday by getting our daily dose of inspiration. Minimalist, refined, and modern are the best words to describe the fantastic Styled Photoshoot held at the Horse Pro Ltd Mauritius. Once you take a look at the jaw-dropping shots that we have for you today, you'll dive in a mesmerizing haze of amazement from which you won't want to get out! The idea of the wedding concept has changed, especially when it comes to hair, makeup, and outfits, and Samuel David expressed this new concept most fabulously during this Styled Photoshoot. It is time to redefine the bridal look and say hello to wavy, curly loose hairstyles, and glamorous and delicate makeup looks, like the ones designed by SD Hairstylist and Hans Dax for today's visual delight. In the fashion department, the new trend leans towards neutral tones and pastel colors with minimalist accessories. And in case you were wondering where can you get drop-dead gorgeous attires like the ones seen on today's styled photoshoot, Bride By Alisha and Jetha Tulsidas are the way to go! If you want to get fully-inspired by the most trendy and fashionable looks for your wedding, don't miss today's gallery by Cedric D. Vincent Photography. Every single shot is a masterpiece overflowing with beauty, tradition, and lots of elegance. So wait no more and get ready to enjoy a visual delight where modernity meets traditions and culture. Believe us; it is the best way to prepare for the weekend!

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What a great way to prepare for a full-inspiring weekend, isn't it, ladies? Don't forget to join us on Monday for more!

Model: Victoria Duval | Model: Amber Korimdun | Model: Noemie Barragan | Model: Jaabir Abedeen | Model: Tony Michel | Model: Mevyn | Beauty Supplies: CHI Mauritius | Venue: Horse Pro Ltd Mauritius | Planner of Stylized Shoot: Samuel David | Hair & Makeup: SD Hairstylist | Hair & Makeup: Hans Dax | Bridal Fashions: Bride By Alisha | Bridal Fashions: Jetha Tulsidas | Cinematography: Emmanuel Sidien | Photography: Cedric D. Vincent Photography