Boutique hotels are the fresh, new place Indian brides are looking to have their dream Indian weddings, and we see the trend continuing for at least the next few years. As weddings become more intimate, brides are looking for high-end properties that will give them all the luxe details they desire but with a unique, individualized touch. From beaming ocean views to specialty spa services and culinary delights, brides -especially brides who have been planning during the pandemic- only want the very best in service, class, and excellence.

Be the Belle of the Ball

With boutique hotels, your wedding is the only wedding taking place that weekend, which means that you'll have the place all to yourself. You can choose from any of the ceremony locations or get creative and bring new ideas to untapped potential areas. Cocktails on a rooftop, dinner by the pool, a ceremony on a garden, or near the gazebo with light bites to follow, the possibilities are endless!

Personalized Attention

At boutique hotels, the staff strives to roll out the red carpet and provide sophisticated service to each one of their guests. No detail is too small to be overlooked, from food preferences to accommodations, especially for children. With family-oriented culture, the well-trained staff at boutique hotels inclines to be at your service. Aimed always to please, boutique hotels take pride in getting to know their guests up close and personal, even the four-legged variety!

Instagram Angles at Every Corner

Brimming with unparalleled style, boutique hotels are some of the most aesthetically pleasing sites to capture memorable wedding images. These hotels are cohesively designed between indoor and outdoor spaces, color palettes, and art collections, making your images pop on every post. A typical boutique hotel will show off an extraordinary architecture, unlike other hotels you have seen in the past.

All Under the Same Roof

As a guest, nothing surpasses the ease and convenience of staying at the hotel where the wedding is taking place. Transitioning between your mehndi, sangeet, ceremony, reception, and farewell brunch makes the overall wedding experience stress free. Enjoyment will be high, and your wedding will stand out from the crowd as one of the best wedding experiences.

Intimate and Exclusive

Known for being quaint, boutique hotels are made to cater to your wedding guests. Indian weddings can cause quite a stir, and coupled with curious hotel guests who usually want more than a glimpse, your wedding can feel more like a spectacle than a memorable, intimate, and special event. Boutique hotels easily shield weddings from uninvited onlookers and the occasional wedding crasher because you never know who will show up.

Best Locations in Area

Boutique Hotels are smaller and take up less place, so they can often tuck away into a cliffside or squeeze into the center of the city in locations that cannot be surpassed. You are choosing a prime location for your wedding, not to mention that the easy access to activities is essential to provide your guests with things to occupy themselves during the days leading up to the celebration. Whether it is a gorgeous beach or world-class shopping, guests will savor their time exploring the local areas making your wedding truly memorable.

Affordable Pricing

The best part about a boutique hotel is the fact that they are very similar to best in class hotel pricing, all while offering you a more customized wedding experience!

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