Happy Thursday, Maharanis! Today is a good day to continue enriching our minds and creativity by taking a look at a new love story that is as beautiful as inspiring. So, make sure to have your notebook handy because Ayesha & Nur's wedding celebration is about to blow your mind with so many amazing and mesmerizing ideas! The long-awaited wedding day arrived, and these two lovebirds were more than prepared to unite their lives in marriage. They wanted to keep a memory of each and every moment of this life milestone that they decided to bring Shuttersaund on board to capture every single detail of this dreamy day. The day started with a romantic first look photoshoot leading to a Nikah ceremony officiated at the Islamic Center of LI, where Ayesha & Nur sealed the deal and professed their love and commitment to each other in the company of their family and friends. After the Nikah ceremony, it was time to head over to Leonard's Palazzo to celebrate the newlyweds in a traditional reception party enlivened by Glitz & Glamour Events. All the guests danced the night away and enjoyed the delicious plates prepared by The Cotillion and the sweet cake baked by Francesco's Bakery. And all we have to say is that this reception party was amazing beyond words. In case you were wondering who is responsible for so much amazingness, it is none other than the talented team from Royal Charms Floral and Decor. They nailed Ayesha & Nur's vision and delivered nothing but utter perfection. And talking about perfection, let's take a moment to admire the ravishing look of our gorgeous Maharani, who burst into the room looking like a princess of an Indian fairytale. She wore a swoon-worthy attire from Sabyasachi Mukherji, very well complemented with the exquisite pieces of jewelry from Meermankaa's collection. But her dreamy bridal look doesn' end there! Beauty By Tamanna took over Ayesha's beauty needs creating a traditional but glamorous look that praised her innate beauty, making her look like royalty. To crown this ultimate bridal look, she got a gorgeous Mehndi design by Sam Art Henna Contour, which added an extra touch of traditional flair to her already ravishing combination! Beauty and tradition at its best! Check more of this magical celebration on love in today's full gallery. It is an absolute visual delight that you'll love!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
They say that soulmates are there to complete you. That a soulmate is your better half. I’ve never believed in that. I believe in me being whole and my soulmate being his whole. A soulmate is supposed to compliment you. Inspire you to be the best you can be at whatever it is that you want in life. A person who you can be unapologetically yourself with. Your person. Everyday I wake up with a heart of gratitude for God giving me “my person”. I met Nur on the campus of our university. Living in a technological, millennial era I had a friend request from him prior to. We both had mutual friends but I’ve never met him. Our first run in was at the campus coffee shop, where we were both in line and immediately I recognized him from the request. We looked at one another and that moment seemed like forever. As if time stood still. We didn’t say a word but that moment I still remember vividly, felt like I’ve known this person all my life. Later on that week, I walked into one of my classes and as fate would have it, the last remaining seat was next to him! We had the same class and from there our friendship began. Going to class was much more exciting because I knew he’ll be there. In between classes, we would spend hours just laughing over cups of coffee. We became best friends. I knew what I felt him, how much I grew to love him. I was fearful what if he didn’t feel the same way, what if I ruined what we have with wanting more. I didn’t know if he felt for me the way I felt for him. I decided to put my feelings on the side and start setting up blind dates for him! I just knew he would make any girl happy and I wanted him to be with someone. He was so confused to why I was doing that and a part of me was just as confused. Why couldn’t I just tell him how I felt? That created a space between us. He was confused to why I would try to set him up with someone when he thought the feelings between us were mutual. We didn’t speak for a few weeks until we met and he expressed how much he’s in love with me. I was over the moon and felt so relieved that he felt everything I did! From there our love story started and it’s been a journey of love, joy, happiness, tears. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. We finally tied the knot with our dream wedding, surrounded by our family and friends. I love every moment of knowing I have a best friend before I have a husband. Someone who I can be myself with and love him through life’s every trial and tribulation. I love him because he’s a part of me but I love him even more for what I am with him. That’s our love story and it’s my favorite.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
The night of August 30th was the most surreal night of my life. That day wasn’t the happiest of days for me, I wasn’t feeling well and decided to take the day off from going into the office. Throughout the day I communicated to Nur about how I was feeling. That evening he decided to surprise me at home with the most beautiful bouquet of roses which I felt was the sweetest thing ever. To my surprise, that entire night was comprised of surprises. He wanted us to enjoy the night and persisted on grabbing dinner and drinks in the city. As hesitant as I was, I gave in to make him happy. It was the perfect summer night. We drove into the city and all I could remember is just how happy I was in that moment as the warm summer breeze swayed my hair into the summer night. Our laughter drowned out the noises of the city and time felt like it came to a standstill. He drove in front of a hotel and I was frazzled to why we weren’t at a restaurant but he assured me that we’re having dinner on the rooftop. We were getting ready to go in and he seemed to be busy on his phone, answering calls and texts and prolonging us going in which really irritated me. He said he needed a few mins to answer a conference call and that frustrated me even more. He stepped outside the car to take the call and when he got back I was just over it. We’re in the elevator going up to the rooftop and I was just so upset. He’s leading the way and as I walk into the outdoor space I hear our favorite song, “All of Me” by John Legend playing. I see my sisters there and from that moment I felt like time seemed to stand still. It was as if I was in a dream. The sun was setting and the entire sky was painted beautifully. He led me to the center of the rooftop and got on one knee. All I could remember is him saying “A summer night, our favorite song, a view above our city & you. I’ve waited six years for this.” He then pulled out the most gorgeous ring from his pocket and asked me to be his forever. Off course I said yes!!! Surrounded by the most important family and friends, every moment of that night felt as if I was lost in this dream. The night was perfect, the ring was perfect but the most important part of that night was being able to say yes to my best friend. To my soulmate because without him there wouldn’t be a me.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
Nur and my life long dream was to be a Sabyasachi Bride and Groom. I wanted to be a traditional Bengali bride, while keeping my personal style intact. For my nikkah ceremony, I was very specific about wearing a banarasi saree and in the color beige. Nur also wanted to keep it neutral, simple and wore the color beige. He opted for a classic beige quilted sherwani by Sabyasachi. He paired it with a beige and gold bordered shawl. After waiting for months, I also found "the saree" in the perfect shade of beige at the Sabyasachi store in Kolkata. For our reception, we had a different vision in mind. We wanted to go for a regal and timeless look. I've always had my eyes on Sabyasachi's maroon velvet lehengas and i knew i found the one the moment i saw his Fall 2019 collection. Nur decided to wear the classic black  sherwani with a gold benarasi churidar and a maroon velvet shawl, to match my maroon lehenga. We worked with the Sabysachi team remotely through various channels including media platforms, and communication channels, to place an order for our wedding attires. The experience was seamless and precise.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The most enjoyable part of the planning process was spending more time with our family and friends. With everyone's insanely busy schedule, its always difficult to make plans with family and friends. But when there's an upcoming wedding, everyone takes a backseat from their daily lives to come together and get creative. During my planning process,  i was able to spend as much time as possible with my siblings, cousins, and best friends. The best memories i have from that time is shopping, trying on hundreds of outfits, dance practice, and running a thousand errands in a day, all while laughing and having a mental breakdown at once.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
Our wedding designers did a phenomenal job with our decor. All of our guests were taken back the moment they walked into the venue. They also couldn't stop raving about how much they enjoyed the food.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The most special moment in our wedding was the first look. From the beginning of the day, I was extremely nervous and excited to see Nur. I wanted to have a first look, just to hold him one last time before becoming husband and wife. I remember feeling a thousand butterfies in my stomach as i walked up to Nur from behind and tapped his back. The best part of this was seeing his reaction as he saw me. That moment was one of the happiest moments of my life.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
For our Mehndi, we chose a theme of warm and the tropics. We decided to go with bright, vibrant arches of the most gorgeous roses, bright green foliages, and palm tree center pieces for the tables. My bridal party dressed in hues of greens. For our reception, we wanted a whimsical, romantic garden theme. thousands of white roses adorned the grand ballroom of the venue. Candles lit throughout the entire room, to create the most romantic, dreamlike atmosphere.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Remember to enjoy every moment of the planning process. Don't overthink and stress yourself out over the small things. Do lots of research and book the right vendors who align with your concept and vision. Be very careful with your guest list. Work closely with your planner to make sure everything goes according to your vision.

We hope you've enjoyed today's feature as much as we did! Remember that we have new stories every day, so don't forget to join us tomorrow for more!

Floral & Decor: Royal Charms Floral and Decor | Planning & Design: Royal Charms Planning and Design | Lighting: Royal Charms Floral and Decor | Sangeet Venue: Taj Mahal Party Hall | Ceremony Venue: Islamic Center of LI | Reception Venue: Leonard's Palazzo | Hair & Makeup: Beauty By Tamanna | Catering: The Cotillion | DJ: Glitz & Glamour Events | Bridal Fashion: Sabyasachi Mukherji | Bridal Jewelry: Meermankaa | Cake & Treats: Francesco's Bakery | Cinematography: Images By Aaron | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Indian Wedding Cards | Mehndi Artist: Sam Art Henna Contour | Registry: Zola Wedding Registry | Photography (Nikah & Reception): Shuttersaund | Photography (Mehndi & Reception): Amir Hamja | Photography (Proposal): Ammar Habib