Welcome back, beautiful ladies! This real-life fairytale continues, and we have all the details for you to keep enjoying Anish & Anchal's romantic pre-wedding photoshoot! This time, our two lovebirds changed the setting and went for a walk through the woods to capture more romantic scenes! And, oh boy, we loved the final result! The once green leafy trees were slowly changing their leaves and their color, unveiling the cold winter hues that go along with the freezy December weather! And that perfect backdrop added an extra touch of romance and uniqueness to this fantastic photoshoot captured by Knotty Days! Hands down, one outstanding photoshoot like one we haven't seen in quite a while! Each shot is so amazing that you get to feel just as if you were there! If you can't get enough of this lovely couple, we have a fantastic gallery for your enjoyment! So, go check it out!

photo #269545
photo #269495
photo #269510
photo #269502
photo #269504
photo #269511
photo #269500
photo #269546

We are utterly amazed by this photoshoot! And we still have one more stop, so come and join us!

Photography: Knotty Days