Good morning, ladies! There is no better way to start this Wednesday than taking a look at Gayatri & Aditya's wedding celebration! And this is one you are going to enjoy, so without further due, let's jump right into it! We are starting our way into this celebration by taking a look at the fantastic photos that Windy City Productions captured during the wedding ceremonies! You heard, right! Ceremonies, in plural! These lovebirds were so lucky that they didn't just have one wedding ceremony. They had two beautiful ceremonies to bless their union and to start a lifetime of marriage! Both of these solemn and traditional ceremonies took place inside the exclusive halls of The Ashton Place. And we love how each ceremony honored the bride and groom's culture, faith and above all, their love for each other! Gayatri looked ravishing on her big day! She wore two different attires, a teal Saree and a ruby Saree, but regardless of the color, she looked breathtaking! And Impressions by Laura complemented both looks in such a terrific way, that made her have that dreamy look all Maharanis want to have for their big day! And Aditya didn't stay behind! He also rocked two different attires: a ruby one and a white one. Both attires made him look handsome and made his inner Raja come out! We are impressed by how much beauty, tradition, and love we can find on these ceremonies. Because of it, we have prepared a fantastic gallery for you to continue enjoying these lovely events. So, if you are ready, go check it out! You are going to love it!

photo #245021
photo #245028
photo #245026
photo #244996
photo #245030
photo #245310
photo #245035
photo #245052

We love your company, so stay around and join us at our next stop. We have more beautiful details of this celebration! 

Hair & Makeup: Impressions by Laura | Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Ashton Place | Photography: Windy City Productions