Welcome back, darlings! We are so excited to continue sharing this love story with you. This time around will take you to the exclusive East Wind Long Island to join Supriya & Shresh at their elegant wedding reception. It is no surprise that this reception party turned out to be amazing as our lovebirds decided to bring Detailed Affairs Team on board to plan and execute this event. And what a great decision it was, as this wedding reception is one for the books! The beautiful decoration that Florista Decor put together for this event created a romantic and elegant atmosphere that could only be overtaken by our gorgeous couple. Supriya looked astonishing in her champagne dress from Custumise, a trusted friend in the journey of luxury custom-made outfits. While Shresh rocked a sleek slate blue suit that perfectly combined with the color palette that Supriya was wearing. This event was turned into a party thanks to DJ USA Weddings, that played the best Bollywood hits to set the dance floor on fire! All of the guests were having the time of their lives, and they only stopped dancing when our lovebirds had the first cut at the cake. And thanks to the talented crew from House of Talent Studio, we get to take a look at that the most charming moments of this evening just like if we were there. If you want to relieve this love story, don't miss the gallery that we have prepared for today and get that imagination going!

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indian bride,indian groom,indian wedding reception
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indian bride,indian groom,indian wedding reception
maharani,rajah,photo session
How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We met each other through our friend when we were about 18 to 19 years old. After crossing paths on social media – we would always keep tabs on each other but through their friend. The timing was never right, however, we remained at the back of each other’s mind. We tried to reach out to each other several times through social media in the following years. In September 2015, on Harley’s my dog) birthday, Shresh wished Harley and asked me if I still had the same number. I said I did and finally received a text from Shresh!
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During the first snowfall of Dec 2017, on December 9th, we arrived at Cresthollow Country Club for his holiday party. We were directed into a ballroom and when I finally looked up, I realized I was walking on a carpet full of rose petals and candles and at the end of the carpet, there is a heart made out of candles filled with rose petals. There is also two canvas’ of them on top of two illuminated stands and “MARRY ME” is written in lights surrounded by roses. The rest is history because I started crying hysterically. I was amazed and blown away that Shresh had planned this perfect proposal for me. The only two lines I remembered were, “You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” Shresh hired a photographer so we took several pictures before we were directed to the bridal suite where there was champagne, personalized glasses (thanks to my sisters) and appetizers. The host told us that we could remain in the bridal suite until the next party arrives. We called our parents and family and told them they will see them soon at the house for dinner and drinks with the family. An hour and a half passed by and we are never asked to leave the bridal suite.
At 615, somebody knocks on the door and both families walk into the bridal suite. Everybody is dressed up with their hair and makeup done. And I immediately freak out because I am not dressed appropriately. Shresh had a beautiful gown picked out for me to change into and a makeup artist to do my hair and makeup since he knew she would be crying from joy all evening. My sisters and mom brought me jewelry and shoes and everything I might have needed. At 715, the host tells us that she is ready for us and we walk upstairs and are greeted by 100 of other closest friends and family for a surprise engagement party. Full of dancing, crying, laughing, and memories. I always said she didn’t want an engagement party but Shresh had a perfectly planned proposal and engagement party. Shresh went above and beyond to make this day everything I could have wanted and more because all he ever wants to do is make me happy. 
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
My and my now husband were both in grad school and worked full time when we got engaged. This made wedding planning 100 times harder, but we made it work.
When picking our venues we eliminated all places that couldn't accommodate 350 or more people and those that did not allow outside caterers. Long Island does not have many venues since a handful of our friends are already married - we also eliminated these venues. This did not leave us with many venues. We were deciding on two venues for the wedding ceremony but one was significantly more expensive and a lot further. We decided to get married at the Heritage Club in Bethpage. I'm so happy we chose this venue because by the time we got married they whole place had been redone to give it a new look. It was beautiful.
As for our reception venue, we chose East Wind. This was one of the first places we looked at for our reception. I always said I did not want to get married at a hotel but this "Inn" had a different vibe. It only had 55 rooms and 25 of the rooms were occupied by our wedding guests. This made the reception night, after party, and Sunday brunch 100 times more fun. The venue was magnificent. We had 375-400 guests and the room was split in half, 1/2 for food (cocktail hour, dinner, dessert), and half for the dance room and eating. The room never felt crowded and the dance floor wAs HUGE. Everybody was dancing all night (until 6 am). We were blessed to be able to celebrate for 12 hours with our guests. 
For my hair and makeup, I chose someone that a lot of my friends have used. I didn't even ask anybody else. I just asked her if the dates were available, and then booked her. I didn't even want a trial. I went to her with no pictures and no inspiration. I just showed her my outfits and my jewelry, and she did the rest. She was amazing and made me feel so beautiful on all my events. Thank you, Kanwal! 
For my henna, I had a similar approach. I chose a well known NY henna artist and just let her do her own design. I just showed her two things I wanted to be incorporated and she did. My henna was BLACK and lasted for 2 weeks after my wedding. Its almost 7 weeks after my wedding and I have tan lines on my arms to remind me of my wedding day. 
For our sangeet outfit - I wanted a fresh spring look. I chose pastel colors with a floral design. Samira in Hicksville designed my outfit for me. This was a lengthy process which sometimes left me frustrated as the color scheme was incorrect. But I thought to just make the best of the outfit, even though the blouse was the wrong color. I am happy I kept it rather than having a new blouse made because everyone loved the yellow and it complemented my husband's sherwani so well! 
I chose to have an outfit change. My cocktail hour gown was from Lara, my soon to be brother-in-law family's company. I went to try on dresses 1 month before the wedding to pick out a dress. Jasmine and Shresh watched as I tried on numerous gowns. My mom, sisters, and Shresh liked this red off-the-shoulder gown. My in-laws and Jasmine liked a champagne gown. I decided to wear the red gown because this is what Shresh chose. Even though I was only in the dress for one hour, it left a lasting impression. Thank you Lara Designs for my amazing gown! 
For my reception outfit, I chose to use CustUmise. This was difficult because I had no face to face contact as they are located in India. We discussed colors, fabrics, and designs for 3 months until I finally decided what I loved. I wanted a one of a kind outfit. They made the perfect outfit for me. I only saw the completed outfit 2 weeks before the wedding and received it 1 week before. I was so anxious and so were my in-laws. What if we hated it? It came out perfectly and pictures did NO JUSTICE. I sparkled all night. My husband had a custom tux made from BookATailor. He picked out fabrics, inside liner designs, and fit. His tux fit him like a glove and he looked beyond handsome in it. His tux was navy blue and my outfit was mauve. We complemented each other so well.
For our decor theme, we didn't choose anything concrete until 2 months before our wedding. We waited so we could see all our outfits and see what styles and color-matched. For this, I did have a vision. For the Sangeet, we chose colorful drapes and lanterns (this is pretty standard for sangeet). We also chose to have a candle wall behind our swing to give it something special. For our wedding day, I had a picture saved from Instagram. I asked our decor team (Florista Decor) to recreate this mandap. They said they wanted to recreate it and they did. Our mandap was so fresh and appropriate for spring. Our venue had floor to ceiling windows with all greenery behind. It made our mandap stand out and was a beautiful sight. For the reception, I was an elegant theme. I didn't want anything over the top. I was centerpieces to be simple and our stage to be floral with lots of candles. Our decor team did just that. Everybody loved our centerpieces.
For the DJ, we chose a well known DJ as well. This was the only DJ we met and booked them immediately. We have attended numerous weddings they have DJed and they are phenomenal. And they were amazing at all of our events. 
For our photographer, I chose someone who my whole family and numerous friends have used. House of Talent in Hicksville. Our engagement and wedding pictures came out so beautiful. They were so much more elegant than we ever expected. They did an amazing job capturing all our precious moments. 
The last thing we booked was our wedding coordinator. I was telling my aunt that I think I wanted a wedding coordinator. I was beginning to become stressed even though all our venues were booked. I didn't want the day of stress pushed to my family and bridal party. She told me about a very close family friend of hers that has a wedding planning company!!! I reached out right away!! I wanted everyone to have a carefree experience. My husband initially didn't think this was necessary, he thought we could handle it. I'm so happy I convinced him to hire our team, Detailed Affairs Team. They were the best part of our wedding. They were so sweet and so efficient. Everything went smoothly in the eyes of us and our guests. To this day, people still talk about how amazing this team was. I strongly believe they made our wedding 100 times more enjoyable because we were less stressed. I recommend everyone to hire them. They truly were a Godsend. 
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I originally wanted to wear a very light-colored lengha since I am very fair. We went to New Jersey with our families to try on outfits one day. Both families fell in love with a maroon and gold velvet outfit. I hated it. I wanted to very ivory, orange, and peach. But then I realized, I can always wear those colors and I would never have the opportunity to wear a red bridal lengha again. So, I decided to wear a red bridal lengha instead. I was currently in grad school and was unable to go to India with my mom to get my bridal outfit. We kept in touch every day through WhatsApp and I ultimately left the decision in her hands. She picked the most beautiful wedding lengha and the most gorgeous jewelry. 
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The most enjoyable part of planning was doing everything with my now-husband. He was very hands-on and wanted to be a part of every decision which really helped me. He helped me out tremendously during wedding planning. Some people say the soon-to-be groom doesn't care much and the soon-to-be bride is left with all the stress. My now-husband, our families, and our friends helped us so much through the process. I feel like making decisions together made me more content with my choices and enabled everyone to communicate throughout my entire wedding planning process. It took an army to plan this wedding and everybody who helped us really enjoyed this wedding. I still have family members and friends tell me this was the best wedding they have ever attended. That the energy and the vibe were so positive and everybody enjoyed themselves. 
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
1) The food! Even though we didn't get to eat any of our food, everybody kept saying how good it was. For the sangeet, we had the standard dinner that many weddings we have attended hand. The lamb chops from Akbar are always memorable and all our guests loved them. At the ceremony and reception, we have a mix of American and Indian food (lunch, dinner, and dessert). Our guests really appreciated this and said the American and the Indian food was phenomenal. I only wish we could have tasted it! 
2) The vibe. Guests keep telling us how energetic and positive the vibe was during our wedding week. I think this vibe contributed to have amazing our wedding turned out. Everybody was happy. Everybody was laughing. Everybody was joyous. I wish I could relive our wedding and just admire the vibe and enjoy how happy and harmonious everybody was. 
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
My first look and my Vidaii. These two moments were SO PRECIOUS and so raw. Whenever I think about them, it brings tears to my eyes. They were such pure moments filled with so much emotion, I will never forget these two moments. The pictures captured during these two moments are unreal. 
For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
Our cake was amazing! We had four tiers. Rather than a traditional cake where each tier has a layer of filling with two layers of cake, we had double. In each tier, there were three layers of cake and two layers of filling. It was so good. We picked a variety of flavors and fillings to accommodate all ur guests. Besides our tasting and our cake cutting, we didn't get to taste our cake. But our guests raved about it, so it must have been amazing! 
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
HIRE A WEDDING COORDINATOR! This was the best thing I did to alleviate my stress. I was not stressed about ANYTHING. I am a control freak and a planner but I was so confident with our wedding coordination team. I knew I had nothing to worry about. 
Enjoy everything. Take a step back and take everything in. All these people are here to celebrate you and your love. Cherish this moment forever.
Anything that goes not according to plan, just let it go. It is minor in the grand scheme of things and more than likely, nobody will notice except you. 
Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
Oops, I put all that above!

It is time to say goodbye, but we hope to see you here tomorrow! We have more stories and surprises down the road, so don't miss them out! 

Photography: House of Talent Studio | Cinematography: House of Talent Studio | Planning & Design: Detailed Affairs Team | Bridal Fashions: Custumise | Ceremony Venue: Heritage Club at Bethpage | Wedding Catering: Cotillion Caterers | Reception Catering: Heritage Catering | DJ: DJ USA Weddings | Dhol Player: Navdeep Kundi | Baraat Horse: Ponies Will Travel | Bride’s Wedding Outfit: Balbir Store | Bride's Cocktail Hour Dress: Lara Designs | Mehndi Artist: Henna for All | Transportation: M&V Limousines | Groom’s Wedding Outfit: LAGAN-The Wedding Studio by Manoj & Sanjeev | Groom's Reception Outfit: Book A Tailor