Each journey two people take to their wedding is a vivid and brilliant story; one that is rare, intense, and unique. A diamond purposefully chosen to commemorate that epic intersection of life can be a mirror of that experience; one that enwraps you in the joy of that moment every time it is adorned.

Today we want to give you a little advice on how to find a diamond that can be a perfect representation of your love. One that will mark this memorable occasion and be a symbol of your care, consideration, and commitment to the person who means the most to you. We reached out to a friend inside Blue Nile to help us find a few special tips that will be both personally and financially beneficial. As mentioned every relationship is different, the first great bit of advice we have is to ask and know what preferences your treasure has. They have been thinking about the ring of their dreams for some time. There are 10 shapes of diamonds, and while most admire the timeless round brilliant, some want a large or fancy shape. Knowing this can help meet their expectations and stay in a safe budget.

Speaking of budgets, a great diamond does not have to cost a great fortune. In fact, our friends at Blue Nile mentioned that staying inside a comfortable budget is one of the keys to not only enjoy the experience but also enjoy the first few years of your new marriage. Setting and sticking to a budget not only eases the tension but also makes hunting for that perfect gem interesting! (Here is a secret link that narrows down the search to some truly wonderful hidden gems).

Often when looking for a diamond, couples start by looking at as close to perfection as you can get, (D Color, Flawless, Ideal cut, Round brilliant with Excellent Polish & Symmetry and no florescence).  However, you should not judge a diamond as you would a fruit. Every image you see on Blue Nile is magnified over 40 times! While it looks like this on the screen, it is going to look like this in your ring. Here is a perfect example, this magnificent diamond has all the best marks, yet this stunning diamond is just shy of those marks, and costs … well, you should see how much it is because you would not believe me. The diamonds that Blue Nile carry are only the highest quality, sure, they have over 130,000 diamonds on-site, but they have sorted through well over tens of millions to get you the best. 

Lastly, take your time. This is an adventurous time where everything is new and exciting. Enjoy these moments. As you continue on this transitional voyage, knowing your wishes and limits, you will find the perfect touchstone that like your commitment and your affection will last from the beginning of this world, until the end of time.

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