Hello, ladies! There is no better way to get to the weekend than with Kanak & Teja's engagement photo session! Today, more than ever, love is in the air with this romantic and delightful outdoor photoshoot that was hosted in the valley of Tucson, Arizona. This was the perfect place to portray the love of this beautiful young couple before taking the big step that will eventually make them become husband and wife. This time, the Arizona desert and the surrounding valley were filled with the love that Kanak & Teja irradiate and we are thrilled to know that this lovely pair is getting engaged as in every shot captured by Faith Kelsey Photo, you can tell that they are meant for each other! If you want to be part of this love story that is just beginning you cannot miss the gallery that we have prepared for you today, it is filled with charming and captivating shots that will brighten up your day, so go check it out!

photo #240602
photo #240529
photo #240534
photo #240540
photo #240543
photo #240557
photo #240533
photo #240526
photo #240601

Don't go too far if you don't want to miss any detail of this engagement session! We still have more to come! 

Engagement Venue: Pier 66 Seattle WA | Photography: Faith Kelsey Photo