We are back, Maharanis! The following post boasts all the fantastical reception deets of Hemali and Vishal and this grand soiree at the SLP Event Center, it calls for nothing less than perfection! Completely planned by Urvashi Mishra, Wedding & Event Planner, the exclusive planning firm supervised every detail, from the grand rickshaw entry to checking each candle in the stunning sweetheart stage was light up! On Hemali's reception look, she had a flawless beauty hair and makeup look by Jtorry Makeup & Hair Artistry that matched her pink gown and that together created on her an aura of sweetness during the night! Elena’s Cakes delighted the guests with a piece of the dreamy white four-tier cream cake while Annapurna Catering Service provided more sweetness with an exquisite dessert table! Family and friends danced energetically thanks to the pumping beats of the entertainment expert DJ Riz Entertainment! Browse through the full gallery by A&A Photo Video and for more photos of this amazing event catch a glimpse of our Best of 2018 Magazine!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
I was introduced to him by family friends, who thought we would be great for each other. Two weeks and several phone calls later, Vishal claims he knew I was the one he was going to spend the rest of his life with. For me, it took a little longer. I would like to think that I’m a fairly reserved person. But after meeting with Vishal just a couple of times, he had me spilling my secrets. He just had a certain 'Je ne sais quoi' that I fell for. I feel like I definitely took a shot in the dark with Vishal but I'm so glad I made it. The single best decision of my life.  
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
At the time, Vishal lived in Houston, and I was in OKC. Vishal planned a trip to New Orleans since neither of us had been before. The plan was for me to fly there and Vishal was going to drive because it was only a 4-hour drive from Houston. Plans were almost cancelled because hurricane Harvey was supposed to hit Houston the day he was leaving. I pleaded with him to reschedule the trip, but he was adamant about meeting this specific weekend. I was so angry and confused about him being so stubborn and I was scared at the thought of him driving through a hurricane. 
When we both made it to NOLA safely, he had an entire day worth of a treasure hunt around the city planned for me. It included places to eat, drink, and tourist attractions! Geocaching was something we enjoyed together and he said that he thought it would be fun to make one personally for me. The last stop on the treasure hunt was on this small stone bridge in this beautiful park where he let me struggle to find some sort of treasure that he had hidden. After struggling and finding nothing, I turn around and he’s on his knee with a ring in his hand! Of course, I said yes and hysterically awed at my ring before giving him a huge hug (which btw he won't let me live down)! I didn’t know it at the time, but he had hired a professional photographer that was hiding behind one of the bushes nearby. I don’t think I could ever forget that wonderful day!
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The most enjoyable part of the planning process for me was getting to spend time with my mom and being able to plan my wedding with her.  There were so many days that became emotional and stressful but there were SO many more days where we just laughed and had a great time. She's been by my side since day one and did everything to make this THE wedding of my dreams. 
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
If I had to pick one, It would have to be the reception. Our DJ (DJ Riz) was amazing and the dance floor was packed from the very beginning until the very end.  He kept the party going with his great selection of songs and his contagious energy. It felt like a true party. Family and friends would not stop talking about it for weeks! 
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
By far the most special moment during the wedding festivities took place the night before our wedding. I was exhausted and getting ready to go to bed, trying to shoo my cousins out of my room. Just as I was finally able to get the room to myself, I got a call from Vishal and he told me to come outside because he needed to drop off some stuff for the ceremony. He had his car parked in a corner, attempting to be discrete and not be seen by any of my family. I figured I’d pick up the items and head to bed since we had a big day tomorrow. We ended up sitting in the car and talking about things that we don’t even remember anymore. We completely lost track of time. After an hour or so, we decided we better get some sleep before we both missed the ceremony the next morning! We said our good nights and I took the box and went to my room. To my surprise, I opened the box and it was empty! I don't know why this particular moment meant so much to me, but it just did.

We hope you all enjoyed reliving this sparkling event as much as we did! See you tomorrow.
Lighting: DJ Riz Entertainment | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: The Royal Collection | Mehndi Artists: Samira's Henna Designs | Planning & Design: Urvashi Mishra, Wedding & Event Planner | Lighting: DJ Riz Entertainment | Lighting: DJ Riz Entertainment | Hair & Makeup: Jtorry Makeup & Hair Artistry | Mendhi/ Satak Venue: SLPS | Ceremony & Reception Venue: SLPS | Floral & Decor: Prashe | Catering: AnnaPurna Catering Service | Cake & Treats: Elena’s Cakes | Dessert Table: AnnaPurna Catering Service | Cinematography: A&A Photo Video | Photography: A&A Photo Video