If you are anything like me and love the magic of imagination and creativity, then you are going to love the quaint charm and utter romance of Seema and Deval. The proposal is gushing in itself! On the way to the Forbes 30 under 30 gala, Deval created a Harry Potter theme atop a hilltop and led his Maharani to a bed of roses where he proposed. Maharani Seema found herself floating on a cloud soon after! So, it was only natural that she planned a fabulous soiree to celebrate her love with her loved ones. Once Seema secured her wedding outfit from Leharr Collection, it was time for her to assemble her beauty squad! Sarah Rodriguez created a bridal look that any Indian bride can appreciate. Sparkling eyes, rosy lips, and dewy skin took this bride's beauty up a notch. Seema and Deval shared their special day with their loved ones, and now we relive the memories with Mojica Photography capturing all the stunning shots that you can find in our gallery

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How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind? 
I love the color blue and really wanted to incorporate it in my wedding lengha. I still wanted some of the lengha to be red, and after going back and forth (with myself) I decided I wanted a blue lengha and red blouse. I am also a huge lover of elephants and figured having some incorporated into my dress would be ideal. I was lucky to have Leharr Collections based in Kansas City, so I was able to go home plan wedding stuff and my bridal outfit would be shipped directly there. I love the fact that I was essentially able to design my own wedding lengha. I had a lot of help along the way, and at the end of the day, it came out better than I could have ever imagined. Now it’s time to figure out how I can wear it again. 

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding? 
We got a lot of compliments on our mandap. I wanted it to feel elegant, and our decorator nailed it. It was a beautiful blush and cream color which made our outfits pop on stage. Guests also loved that we had Baskin Robbin's pistachio almond fudge passed out during the ceremony. Since our wedding was the end of July we knew it would be hot. It ended up being a giant hit, I mean who doesn’t love ice cream as a mid-morning snack? 

Was there a really special moment at your wedding that constantly replays in your mind? 
The entire wedding was a blur and went by so fast. But I do remember standing at the front of the dance floor at the reception, and just looking out at all of our guests dancing, and being so humbled. Literally, 100’s of our closest friends and family members flew out to Kansas to see us get married. And here they were enjoying themselves. Our dance floor was packed the entire night, which is exactly what we wanted. All the love and positivity being sent our way was incredible. It was quite honestly the perfect ending to a perfect week! 

Read all about this bride's big day! See you right back for the next series of celebrations featuring DJ Volcanik!

DJ: Volcanik Entertainment | Baraat: Volcanik Entertainment | Bridal Fashion: IndoAmerican Apparel | Bridal Jewelry: Leharr Collection - Wedding Lengha | Cakes & Treats: Sweet Dreams Cake Company | Catering: Godavari | Catering: Chuys - Welcome Dinner | Cinematography: Bryan Engel | Floral and Decor: Studio Dan Meiners | Hair and Makeup: Sarah Rodriguez | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Kayla Heckman | Mehndi: Jayna Pate | Photographer: Mojica Photography | Transportation: Karl Roscoe | Venue: Embassy Suites Olathe | Venue: Boulevard Brewing Company - Welcome Dinner