As a Maharani, one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is finding your trousseau. Picking different outfits for your events and finding a refined jewelry set and accessories to complement your style. As a common practice among Indian families, passing on jewelry from generation to the next as a family treasure is one of the most praised lavish traditions as they represent the family heritage! What if it’s your turn to create an heirloom for your own descendants? If you see yourself in that predicament, picking out a piece of the highest quality is always something extremely important to consider. But I have great news for you! Blue Nile banishes the stress from viewing and purchasing the perfect piece, with the internet's largest cataloged collection of over 120,000 carefully picked diamonds and their professional and personal assistance to help you, finding the perfect piece will feel like a walk in the park. You can add a personal touch to your engagement ring or wedding ring with their option to customize your piece by choosing the setting, diamond shape, and color from their diverse collection.

Their wide collection of the finest diamonds can be viewed online with a full 360º detailed description of each piece in the privacy of your own home or personal space and a 24/7 non-commissioned customer service staff is available to answer any question you may have. 

A jewel’s value lies in its sentimental worth and creating the perfect treasure that will hold the story of that very much expected occasion requires an experienced craftsman as only Blue Nile can offer! Their meticulously inspected work will guarantee the most brilliant cut, shape, and line for your precious stone. Blue Nile’s own branded ASTOR diamonds are double graded by GemEx that shows the diamonds full reaction to light and as they are in-house, they can be mounted and delivered the next day!

Connect with your loved ones forever with Blue Nile’s world top diamonds!

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Diamonds are forever and you can add that touch of mystique to your family heirloom or simply find the perfect gift with a timeless Blue Nile diamond!

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