Need help discovering the freshest Indian reception ideas for your big day? Why not turn to an experienced Indian wedding travel concierge to see if hosting your wedding reception in an exotic locale may help make your nuptials a cherished event that will be discussed by your loved ones for years to come. Here are five reasons why turning to a travel concierge can help minimize the stress that comes with planning and hosting a wedding with hundreds of guests – regardless of where you say, “I do”!

Local Access to Experts

You are going to need help with everything from transportation to catering. A wedding travel concierge has access to the most highly rated experts at your destination – making it easy to find the best people possible to tackle every detail.

Think about it this way – why would a wedding planner in Los Angeles know about venues in Hawaii?

Better Deals

You can do a lot of legwork planning a modern wedding from the comfort of your couch. However, to find the best deals you need to know the right people to contact. That is where a wedding travel concierge comes in. He will be able to quickly find you the best deal, factoring in your desires, timelines, and budget.

The sooner you find a travel concierge, the more he can do on your behalf. Need to find accommodations for several hundred people? Try to reach out at least six months, if not a year, in advance.

Better Information Regarding the Locale

For all the blathering that meteorologists say on the television about four seasons, it can be taken as a universal truth that there are actually only two: construction and non-construction. Your concierge will be able to inform you as to when it would be best to plan your wedding, in order to avoid the headaches that come with bringing in hundreds of people right when the main streets are being repaved.

Start off the conversation by asking, explicitly, when you shouldn’t plan to host an Indian wedding at the destination. The rest of the conversation should flow naturally from there.

Help Getting Permits

Red tape is what separates an orderly town and a rowdy destination filled with constant gridlock and pollution. A wedding travel concierge can help you identify the permits you need in order to post every element of your party without interfering with the daily lives of the local residents.

For instance, you may be required to obtain permits for large animals if you wish to integrate horses or elephants. Boats may require licensing, as may helicopters. Regardless of what you wish to include in your wedding, there is a process involved in making sure everything is handled safely and legally.

Provide Support for Local Customs

Planning a large reception requires an understanding of how the local population will view the gathering, and how best to integrate the convergence of all your friends and loved ones together without raising the local populations' ire. By obtaining the services of a wedding travel concierge you will be able to identify potential pitfalls and plan around them with ease.

For instance, if your destination observes a traditional siesta then it may be wise to schedule most travel during this time in order to minimize the impact on traffic.

Find the Perfect Wedding Travel Concierge Today

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