It is often said that music makes the wedding. From the sound of joy that greets attendees as they walk into the wedding venue, to the gentle nudging notes that propel them out when it’s all said and done, music provides the tempo and the spirit that forms the very fabric of your special day.

As such, it is essential that you find the right wedding DJ or Indian wedding live music service provider as soon as possible in order to guarantee that everything will mesh properly. Here are three of the most pertinent questions Indian wedding planners expect to hear when it comes time to planning this essential part of your wedding day.

What Songs Do You Have Access To?

Performers require licenses to show most songs to large audiences. You cannot simply toss in MP3 into a jukebox – the original artists need to be compensated. Ask the prospective DJ what songs he has access to, and what processes he has in place to obtain any song you may need.

This is of exceptional importance for those planning Indian weddings in areas with smaller Indian population/exposure. The average DJ, while talented and experienced enough to provide you with the services your wedding deserves, may simply lack exposure to the bands and artists you wish to showcase during your wedding.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Some DJs specialize in providing all the equipment needed to showcase your playlist. Others focus more on the service itself, entrusting the equipment will be supplied by the client or venue. This part of the conversation is best handled after you have determined what audio equipment you have available to use and can utilize to negotiate the most effective deal possible.

This can be a highly technical conversation. If you do not have experience in this field, turn to your wedding planner. He will be able to help you determine exactly what is needed and factor the cost into your budget accordingly.

What References Can You Provide?

Always check for references before choosing any vendor. This will help guarantee that you only have a true professional working for you– and that his skills are up to snuff. Just remember that you are checking on the work history for an artist – as such, the reviews will always be biased by the tastes of those providing them.

The best reference is the one you provide yourself. When you ask for this information, also ask if you can attend an upcoming performance. This will give you the opportunity to see for yourself what the DJ is capable of.

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