There is a great deal more to photography than merely pointing a camera and pushing a button. Lighting, ratios, editing, and more all interplay to create a field that requires extensive dedication, experience, and education. It doesn’t matter if the photographer is responsible for Sikh wedding pictures or is covering a class reunion – experience and talent will win out over a good camera and expensive editing software. Here are five tips for ensuring that you find only the best Indian wedding photography practice available in your area.

Get Plenty of Samples

The best photographers will have a veritable mountain of evidence to back up their claims. Ask to see several samples, alongside contact information for the client. This information will help you figure out who the top photography services provider in your area today.

Here is the rub – if you seek out samples and talk to other clients then it is considered polite to provide the same service to future couples. A few moments of your time can help make a future bride’s dreams come true.

Have Backup Plans in Place

There is no such thing as a foolproof plan. Cars break down, equipment malfunctions, a certain rabbit takes a left in Albuquerque… In short, you need to have a backup plan in place in case your primary photographer is unavailable.

The most common way to achieve this redundancy is to have two photographers attend your wedding. This will make certain that there is a professional in attendance, regardless of what life throws your way.

Consider a Photobooth

Photobooths have become some of the most popular attractions in recent memory for modern Indian weddings. They provide photo takers a simple and fun place to take all the pictures they want, and you the opportunity to customize the scene to the smallest detail.

With Internet-connected cameras, it is even possible for guests to share their pictures in real time. Perfect for a wedding destined to be the highlight of the social year!

Develop a Photography Plan

The best wedding is a well-planned wedding. Determine where, and when, photographs will be taken in order to minimize the risk of the most important moments going unrecorded. Discuss with the photographer every detail concerning your wedding’s timeline and your goals for photography.

Make sure that the photographer attends all rehearsals. This, in and of itself, will guarantee that everything works out perfectly.

Convince People to Put Away Their Phones

Your photographer needs a free hand in order to obtain the best pictures possible. Make certain that your guests do not prevent this by keeping them from pulling out their own phones/cameras. There are many ways to accomplish this – from the simple notes posted at the wedding hall to having ushers go around and tapping shoulders whenever someone reaches into a pocket or purse.

For younger generations, this can be a mild inconvenience. For older, a saving grace as they get to enjoy your wedding without having to glance around the innumerable phones.

Discover the Finest Wedding Photographers Today

Finding the best Indian wedding photography studios/practices do not need to be a major drain on the time available for planning your wedding. Our team has crafted an online vendor guide that carefully selects only the best, judging by their Sikh wedding pictures.

At, it is our goal to help you make planning your wedding as easy as possible. Our online vendor guide has been built from the ground up to connect you with the most experienced and talented vendors, ranging from photographers to planners and even venues, that will make planning and hosting your wedding a true joy for all involved.

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