Discussing Indian wedding bridal jewelry is not for the light of heart. There are thousands of styles, millions of pieces of jewelry, and billions of opinions as to what constitutes the perfect jewelry ensemble for an Indian wedding lengha.

As such, it is essential that you approach the topic with as much information and insight as humanly possible. Here are some tips to help you discover how the right piece of jewelry cannot only help you stand out, it can help bring all the disparate elements of your wedding together to form a beautiful, cohesive, whole.


Current trends for neckpieces go for the utilization of bold, beautiful, and exceptionally complex necklaces/chokers placed above more plain clothing. This gives the bride the ability to direct the focus to where she wants it – say another piece of jewelry or a Henna tattoo.

Traditional lenghas work best with a single piece, such as a jadau-encrusted choker. The goal is to keep from over-accessorizing – something that will turn an elegant appearance into something worthy of the marriage ceremony blooper reel!


Earrings are best left to the discretion of the bride and should be decided after everything else. Now – earrings have traditionally been used as a way to gently bring greater focus on the outfit – alongside setting the tone for how the wearer wished for the ensemble to be viewed.

Thus – something simple, elegant, and reflective of the wedding’s chosen theme is in order. Just make certain that you don’t pick something too heavy – the last thing you need is to have sore ears before the end of the reception!

Bracelets and Cuffs

Want to help connect your henna tattoos with your lengha? A bracelet and cuff combo can serve as a delightful bridge between the two pieces. For instance, say you go with a plain lengha and have intricate henna tattoos over your fingers. The bracelet can start complex near your wrist, transitioning to plain as it goes up your arm.

There are many combinations to choose from – talk with your wedding planner and lengha designer to determine how best to approach your lengha accessorizing today!

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