A photograph says a thousand words and can make the difference between a wedding your family will cherish for decades to come or one that is easily forgotten. As such, it is essential that you find the perfect wedding photographer when planning a modern Indian wedding. Here are some tips for helping you discover the right photographer for obtaining the perfect Sikh wedding pictures for all the celebrations that surround your special day.

Keep Control of the Narrative

Photographs are the instruments through which events of the past are told to the present and future. The pictures taken for your Sikh wedding will be no different – thus why it is essential for you to have a say in which pictures are kept, edited, or thrown away after your big day.

This is especially salient considering our day and age. Family members, acquaintances, and even total strangers can take pictures of your most intimate moments and spread them around online. Having a professional photographer be responsible for all pictures taken will ensure that only pictures highlighting the best elements of your special day are shown. Of course, the trick from this point is making certain that no one whips out the phone at an inopportune moment and risk creating a small problem!

Maintain Focus on the Main Event

Your guests should be focused on you and your spouse, not on the latest game they downloaded to their phone. Prevent this issue from happening by instituting a no phone role during the service and the following reception.

Now – the number one excuse given for why they have their phones out is obvious, as is your response. By having a professional photographer at hand you will eliminate their “reason” for pulling out the phone to begin with.

Ensure Honorable Photos Were Taken

Mistakes happen, especially when conducting a wedding ceremony with hundreds of attendees. Keep arguments and embarrassing incidents from flaring up by eliminating the opportunity for photographic evidence to crop up later on.

A professional photographer is well-versed in the art of discretion. Be it an accidental tumble, a relative with a bad hair day, or a guest dealing with a physical infirmity, there are several reasons why someone should not take a photo. Speak with your photographer about their code of ethics and make certain that all the unlikely events that can crop up during your wedding are addressed well in advance.

Expert Editing is Often Included

For every million pictures taken one or two may be “perfect.” This is the reason why image editing software exists – and why you should turn to those with experience in managing the software. Now – there are those that say editing photographs is a form of lying. In actuality – it is making certain that the best elements are brought to the foreground.

A professional photographer can quickly address your concerns, making certain that the pictures you choose showcase your good side and paper over any unfortunate mistakes (a faded bit of henna, for instance.)

Find the Perfect Photographer for Your Sikh Wedding

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