Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you will remember fondly and use as a guide to help your children plan their own. As such, how you look is an essential component for making sure that the day goes perfectly. Here are some tips for helping you find the ideal makeup artist for the wedding ceremony and all the numerous celebrations surrounding the big event.

At, we consider it our pleasure to provide you with access to the best Indian wedding makeup artists through our online guide. This article showcases some of the criteria we use when choosing which Indian hair and makeup specialist should be marked for inclusion in our informative online database.

Listen to Your Wedding Planner

A wedding planner, by definition, has to be familiar with planning all aspects of a modern Indian wedding. This includes knowing who provides the best makeup and hairstyle services in your area. Turn to your wedding planner for a short list of potential hairstylists to turn to in preparation for your big day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Referrals

Experienced hairstylists and makeup artists are backed by hundreds of satisfied clients – both wedding and otherwise. Ask for referrals to some of these prior clients to see what they have to say. Who knows – you may discover that the hairstylist you are investigating may provide additional services perfect for your big day!

See Samples Before Making up Your Mind

Ask the potential hairstylist for picture samples of prior projects in order to determine his or her talents before agreeing to anything. This will enable you to quickly limit your search to only the finest artists without having to risk being disappointed when it comes time for a live test.

Ask for a Live Test

Pictures and referrals only show the past. They do not show how a makeup artist or hairstylist has grown as a professional since providing those services. Ask for a paid trial run to see how effective the artist can be in helping you achieve your desired look. Note that we stated “paid.”

You should not expect a busy vendor to provide you free services just to see if you’re willing to work with them. A small, paid, sample gives them an incentive to provide you the highest quality services possible while showing to them that you are serious.

Bring Samples of Your Own

Do not be afraid to bring samples of the look you’re going for to the meeting. There is an old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to something as subjective as makeup and hair styling, being able to show exactly what you’re looking for can be of great help to the stylist as you to build a working relationship together.

Don’t settle for just one picture, find out as much information as possible. Brands, shades, how cuts were made, and more can be used to help the artist create the desired look and help you truly look amazing on your wedding day.

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