Planning a modern Indian wedding requires an understanding that we live in an increasingly globalized world. People travel everywhere, bringing the finest traditions and ideas back with them from countries as diverse as Austria and Zimbabwe. As a couple planning your own wedding, this increasingly diverse realm of experience can serve as a wellspring for discovering new Indian reception ideas that will be guaranteed to amaze your guests and family members as they gather to celebrate your nuptials this wedding season. Here are five Indian reception ideas that can make your wedding a success, and some warnings on how to avoid mistakes that can turn your special day into a nightmare full of drama.

Choose the Right Music

Music will set the tempo for your wedding, from the initial arrival of guests to wrapping up the dancing. Your reception is even more susceptible to this wonderful effect. Here are some ways that you can make certain that the right music is chosen:

  • Ask Your Wedding Planner – your planner will have the experience needed to guide you through this process.
  • Ask the Guests – a simple Facebook poll can do wonders when collecting feedback
  • Ask the DJ – he will have first-hand experience in guaranteeing a perfect musical ensemble

Don’t Let the Cocktails Fly Free

Alcohol is the great social lubricant. However, in excess, it can lead to several unpleasant events such as sickness, sleepiness, and who can forget the time your uncle accidentally tripped and landed in the punch?

Is a good idea to impose a maximum on the amount of alcohol your guests can consume during the wedding reception. There are many ways you do this, the most common being not offering free alcoholic beverages. The second most common is to have a one or two drink maximum at the free bar.

Be Mindful of Dietary Restrictions

You have guests coming from all over the world – with all the dietary (both cultural and medical) restrictions that come with it. When speaking with your caterer obtain a wide variety of substitute menu items that can handle most common dietary restrictions. Generally, you can make this easier by having your guests tell you about any dietary restrictions through social media or your wedding invitations. Some of the most common dietary restrictions include:

  • Dairy
  • Nut
  • Meat

End the Reception at a Reasonable Hour

You want your wedding to be the highlight of the social year, not a testament as to what not to do. One of the greatest mistakes many couples make is making the reception last into the wee hours of the morning.

Be mindful of the fact that your guests often have to get up in the morning to catch a plane, go to work, or prepare children for school. Most wedding receptions end between 10 to 11 at night, with some ending earlier due to scheduling issues or personal preference.

Speak with your wedding planner to determine the ideal time to end your wedding reception. After all, if people have to head home before you cut the cake then why host a wedding reception at all?

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