Finding the right makeup artist for a modern Indian wedding shouldn’t be an overbearing ordeal. Here are five tips to help you discover the perfect artist that has the experience and training needed to help you look your best, guaranteed.

Speak with an Experienced Wedding Planner

Experienced wedding planners often have years of experience working with seasoned makeup artists. Thus, they are often your best resource when reaching someone best qualified to help you look your best on your special day.

Feel free to reach out to multiple planners as you get started – after all, they will be helping you with nearly every decision regarding your wedding. The information they provide at this stage can often inform you about how they will approach your entire wedding.

See Examples of Prior Work

Many happy brides will permit makeup artists to share videos and pictures of their work. Ask to see recent pictures and videos to judge the quality for yourself.

Doing this will help separate those just starting out from those with genuine real-world experience. However, it is essential that you do not discount prospective artists because they do not have any on hand. Give them time to collect a sample of their work to share with you. Many artists prefer to keep their work confidential, thus a bit of caution is to be expected.

Have a “Sample” Run

Commission a sample makeover to see how well you and the artist can get along. Many makeup artists will gladly schedule you a makeover in the weeks running up to your wedding. While it may seem a bit of an expense up front, the results will inform you as to which artist you should choose for your big day.

Just make certain to have your decision ready well in advance! A good artist is in high demand and may require months of advance notice to guarantee that he or she is available for your wedding.

Chat with Other Brides

Ask for references from prospective makeup artists after your initial meeting. There are plenty of reasons for this, ranging from getting tips about excellent hairstyles to identifying potential issues that you need to address up front.

If you take this route it is essential that you be willing to do the same for future brides. After all, paying it forward is one of the hallmarks of polite society and will help those that follow enjoy the services provided by the finest makeup artists available.

Read Online Reviews

This is a tricky one, due to a combination of the numerous review sites available and the disposition of the average online reviewer. In short, you risk walking into the weeds and hearing nothing but foul things that may not accurately reflect the skills and experience of a prospective makeup artist.

Use these reviews, however, to formulate basic questions to ask when you arrive. Both good reviews and bad may showcase possibilities for your makeover that you would not have considered otherwise. Like with talking to a bride, make a point of leaving a review of your own afterward to help future couples find the right artist for their perfect day.

Learn More Today

Planning a modern Indian wedding involves thousands of details – all with the exact same level of importance. Don’t let the little ones take up too much of your time. Contact us today to discover how we can help you select the perfect makeup artist so that you can concentrate on the larger pieces to the marriage ceremony puzzle. Remember – at it is our mission to help make certain that your special day goes perfectly, guaranteed.

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