The lehenga stands out as a core staple for many Indian weddings. It is a timeless garment that can be adjusted for nearly any fashion trend while helping the wearer feel comfortable and elegant throughout the entire wedding. However, for the unfamiliar, figuring out what you can do with it can be a monumental challenge. Here are some modern Indian wedding ideas that will help you breathe new life into your Lehenga today.

Dupatta Style

You want to appear in class and elegant without sacrificing color? The front flow dupatta arrangement provides you with the opportunity to pay homage to traditional clothing styles while bringing in a touch of modernity. All you need to do is neatly pleat and pin the lehenga to your left shoulder and allow it to fall to the back of your knees. The font is folded over your forearm.

Speak with your fashion expert well in advance for all design choices. There are numerous options available, each suiting different situations. Who knows – the perfect style may be one you never considered before.

Embrace the Drape

The classic saree drape can be used for all events ranging from the wedding to a sangeet ceremony. All you need to do is find a pattern and color that best emphasizes your personality and inner beauty!

This style is famous for being useful in both daily life and in formal situations. Thus, it can quickly become your favorite way to wear your lehenga, regardless if you live in New Delhi or New York!

An experienced wedding planner will be able to help you figure out the perfect way to use this style. If you are tempted to use an elegant drape, see how it can inform the rest of your wedding design. For those seeking modern Indian wedding ideas, you will be shocked at how many of the decisions made are informed by what the bride is wearing!

Double Up the Drape

Why have one when you can have two drapes? This style enables you to use a thinner material than normal without sacrificing chastity or convenience. Thus, it is perfect for days where you need to go from formal to informal in a split second without having to change your outfit.

Considering how hectic modern Indian weddings can be, this is a true saving grace for hectic brides worldwide. Just make certain to choose a fabric with the right pattern and color to pull it off.

Open Backed Modern Designs

Open-backed gowns and dresses are popular around the world due to the simple elegance and design. Your lehenga can incorporate the same when you have the majority of the top wrapped around your arm. As long as your shirt complements the fabric and color of the lehenga correctly, it will be an amazing way to merge traditional garments with the latest fashion trends.

Turn to an experienced Indian wedding planner to learn more about how such a simple shift can fundamentally transform how your wedding is perceived. You will be amazed at how many ideas can be sprung forth by a simple shift of fabric!

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