There are few things guests discuss after an Indian wedding than how the bride and groom arrived at the nuptial ceremony. Finding the best Indian wedding transportation option thus requires a keen eye for what is currently popular, what fits in the couple’s tastes, and (most importantly) what hasn’t been done before. At we take pride in helping engaged couples and their families handle every aspect of the marriage planning process. Here are five transportation ideas we have seen many Indian couple use over the years to the amazement of their guests and loved ones.


There are few things more associated with wealth and prestige than arriving at your destination via helicopter. It has become one of the most popular entrance vehicles among the Indian elite, for good reason. No traffic, no detours due to accidents, and most importantly – no one else arriving by the same sort of conveyance.


Trains made India in a way that cars made America. It connected the many states and continues to spur social and economic growth. Thus, it is a popular means of transportation for those seeking to merge both the past and the future of India into one glorious event.

The trick is to find a way to organize everything. The best way to do so is to rent out a station and a train, arriving at a specific time to the amazement of the crowds. Of course, there are many things you can incorporate into this such as a brief pre-wedding luncheon. As long as you stay on the tracks, anything is possible!


A well-decorated bus can be used to guarantee that your most important guests arrive and find places at the front of the crowd. When chosen carefully, a good bus can be a luxurious and eye-catching way to arrive. From comfortable seats to entertainment, this option for Indian wedding transportation provides you with the opportunity to get where you need to be without having to worry about transporting a dozen or more people at the same time.

Antique Car

A favorite among car aficionados, an antique vehicle can merge elegance and tradition into one gas-guzzling beast that is a true sight to behold! Have your wedding planner reach out to car restorers to see what is available.

You will be amazed to discover what you can use to get to your wedding. Who knows – you may find that the classiest way to get to the altar may be in a vehicle that was considered high class well before you took your first steps!


Riding a bicycle is an easy way to send a message to your guests about the importance of environmental protection. Since bicycles can come in many shapes and sizes, it is possible to easily customize your bike to fit any situation.

Thanks to improvements in electric motors and batteries, it is even possible to incorporate powered transport into the bikes. This will guarantee that you arrive at the wedding without a drop of sweat on your brow or dirt on your hemlines!

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