Designing the perfect Indian wedding invitations and wedding stationery may appear to be a daunting task when you first sit down with your loved ones or wedding planner. However, there are wide variety of samples you can use to help you find inspiration for your own unique design. Here are four unique invitation and stationery design ideas that you will find simply irresistible.

Like a DVD

People share DVDs and music CDs with each other all the time, especially for loved classics that are nearly impossible to find online. Bring this sentimentality to your wedding by creating an invitation that resembles a disc and its holder.

For the truly inspired, it is even possible to send in reply envelopes where the attendees can slip in their answers like they would but a CD in its sleeve.

There are many ways to go about designing your own wedding stationery from this basic premise. You can incorporate speaking elements, such as with musical cards, or even flash drives with more information that can be viewed on a computer.

The only limiting factor is how much time and resources you wish to invest in such a setup.

Like a Hollywood Blockbuster Poster

If you are planning to make your wedding the event of the season why not go out and turn it an event rivaling the release of a major movie? Creating a poster enables you to show off the wedding theme and illustrate the love you and your spouse share.

There are many options you can use to highlight key points for your wedding. For instance, you can list the major party dates and the reception location as “Coming Soon” attractions. Or you can include a small part that can be torn off and filled out – thus, providing them the materials needed to respond to the invitation without having to commission the creation of another piece of stationery.

The world is your oyster with this design – thus, you can do whatever you want with it!

Monopoly, Anyone?

Board games have been making a renaissance as of late, with a focus on family classics like Monopoly. Pick a favorite game and use its box as the inspiration for your own wedding stationery. After all, getting all of the elements involved in planning the perfect modern Indian wedding can appear to be a nearly insurmountable challenge worthy of a difficult game, why not share the experience with your loved ones?

A major benefit of this plan is the ability to include game tokens as “passes” for the wedding. This is great for situations in which you need to restrict participation to just a select few, making it a cinch for the venue management to support you in keeping everything nice and neat!

Add in a Bit of Decoration

Everyone likes chipping in during a celebration. Why not put this bit of good will to use by having them bring in a part of the decorations? You can include everything from placards to balloons, making it easy for all of your guests to help emphasize your wedding theme without having to stop and think.

How often can you turn an invitation into something that brings all of the elements in your wedding together? Take advantage of this opportunity for your wedding today!

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