Finding the perfect concept to use as the basis for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. This is especially true when you are trying to clean everything around a specific color. A common trait with many modern Indian wedding ideas, color-themed marriage ceremonies have the potential to be amazing experiences that will be talked about for years to come. Here are four ideas that you can use when starting to plan your own hue based modern Indian wedding today.

Go Monochrome

Many weddings often look like they are made up of more rainbows than people. Stop the confusing collection of colors by having a themed wedding around a specific color. You do not have to specify a specific shade – in actuality giving your guests the freedom to pick their own will guarantee a vibrant explosion of the color of your choosing.

For instance, think about having a wedding in the United States on St. Patrick’s Day. All your western attendees will be wearing green, so why not make it an official part of your big day? It will keep the pinching down to a bare minimum!

Avoid the “Color Fads”

It is easy to jump on the fashion bandwagon when planning your wedding’s theme. After all, at times it can feel like you are trying to “one-up” all of the other celebrations going on during the same season. Resist this by choosing colors based on what you truly like – not what some fashion magazine says is the “in” color of the season. After all, modern Indian wedding ideas often focus exclusively on bringing to the table what makes you and your spouse truly unique.

Speak with an experienced wedding planner today to figure out which colors are traditional, which are contemporary, and (most importantly) which are fads that can be passed over.

Balance Out the Bright Colors

What does white, bright orange, and vibrant pink all have in common? Put next to each other and they hurt the eyes! Balance out your color palate by including darker hues in key elements. This will enable you to choose the finest colors for your special day without risking blinding your guests – or worse, being viewed as garish.

For instance, choose a dark brown as an accent color to a bright blue or white. This will create a lovely contrast that will direct your eyes towards the elements you want to highlight the most. Speak with a wedding planner today to see how easy it can be to choose the perfect colors for your big day!

Colors Are Only Half of the Equation

Don’t forget that every surface and piece of fabric also has a texture. Be it grainy wood, fluffy linen, or solid steel… It is essential that you take the time to identify how each color will pair with the texture of the item it is gracing.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to paint oak solid steel grey, though having that color on the fabric runner can serve as a delightful contrast. It will take some experimentation to find the perfect color ensembles, so don’t be afraid to put together unusual pairings! After all, you are going for something truly unique on your big day.

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