You only get one chance to make a good entrance. Make certain that it is truly amazing by choosing a method that is uniquely suited for your life, the location, and what is considered “popular” by your friends and family. Here are some ideas that you can use to get started when planning the start of your own Indian wedding festivities.

Drama-Adding Smoke Bombs

Having an outdoor wedding during July? Why not bring in the festive spirit of Independence Day to your wedding? Smoke bombs offer a simple way to add a flash of color to your wedding, one which can be handled by nearly all (trusted adult) members of your wedding party.

Think about it this way – you want to guarantee people to be amazed by the sight of your wedding dress, right? A smoke screen that goes off just as you arrive will give you the perfect opportunity to add a bit of friendly drama to even the classiest of Indian wedding festivities.

Use a Segway/Scooter

This is a perfect way to enable a bride or groom with mild mobility issues to get to the altar without breaking risking any discomfort or embarrassment. This is a great option to have as a backup measure, just in case something like an accident occurs in the days leading up to the wedding ceremony.

Beyond that, it is a great way of enabling elderly attendees to feel more comfortable with using the devices needed to enhance their personal mobility. As the “grey graying” continues in the United States, this simple measure will become even more common.

Harken Back to an Earlier Time with a Palki

The palki stands as one of the oldest symbols of status and wealth in the world. Ride to your wedding in style in one of these carried platforms. As more and more Indian weddings include flashy automobiles, boats, and even helicopters, adding a dash of the past becomes a delightful way to stand out from the crowd.

For families with more conservative members, this is an excellent way to simultaneously satisfy their desires for tradition while amazing non-Indian participants. A rare thing indeed!

Ring in Spring with Flowers Galore!

If you are shooting for a spring (or spring-themed) wedding, then it is essential you do not pass up the opportunity to make the humble flower the center point of your bridal entry plans. Deck out your chosen mode of entry with flowers and flower petals. Throw them into the air. Have rose water mist out as you pass… the options are nearly limitless.

The trick is to make certain that you pick the right flowers and include a warning for guests. After all, having a key attendee run off to take some allergy medicine isn’t exactly in the “best practices” playlist.

Add a Dash of Bollywood Fun

Bring some of the best elements of Bollywood into your wedding by adding in a dance routine. This will give you the opportunity to make a truly audience-engaging bridal entry. After all, who can resist the temptation to dance on such a happy occasion?

This is an especially tantalizing possibility for those that already integrate dance and music into their daily lives. 

Why not celebrate what makes you unique, get some exercise in, and put a smile on everyone’s face at the same time?


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