Your wedding day is one of the few times where you, and your wife-to-be, will be the focus of attention. Make the most out of this opportunity by wearing something that is guaranteed to make a lasting impression among your family and nearly innumerable number of guests. This style guide for the modern Indian groom will help you pick out the best hues for your wedding sherwani.


Red is the color was commonly associated with purity, celebration, enjoy. In Indian culture is often worn to attract good luck and prosperity. While it is a commonly worn by brides, many modern Indian weddings incorporate varying shades of red and the groom’s outfit.

It is the traditional color for weddings and 1 is often incorporated in everything from the wedding invitations to floral arrangements. As such – it is a must have on any color palette you choose to use in your own unique wedding ceremony.


Gold is associated worldwide with wealth and good fortune. When combined with varying shades of yellow, they can use to brighten up even the darkest spaces and helps attract the eyes towards whatever is draped in it.

This color is most often interwoven with other lighter colors, such as ivory or cream, in order to create an intricate pattern perfect for even the most customized of sherwani. There is one thing you should keep in mind – do not overdo it. Gold can be considered a garish color if it is everywhere. Instead, make it an accent color wherever needed. A skilled wedding planner will be able to help you figure out what will be perfect for your unique celebration.


The color of life… Green has long been a traditional color in many Indian garments. It is used often in religious settings, where the goal is to imbibe a sense of calm or tranquility to the proceedings. As such, this color is perfect in situations where the environment may be hectic. For instance, say you are having the wedding in a tourist destination or next to a beach with active waves. The color can serve to dampen the “excitement” of the area and draw attention to the ceremony itself.

As always, it is important to think carefully about how all the colors will mesh together. An experienced wedding planner can help you identify whether or not a splash of green is the perfect addition to your marital wardrobe.  

Multiple Colors

Colors do not exist by themselves. We routinely mix different shades of colors together to create engaging ensembles that tell stories and express heartfelt feelings. This simple fact extends to your clothes on your wedding day.

What you choose will have a direct impact on everything from the invitations to the lighting chosen. Pick colors that are good complements to each other (i.e. cool colors with cool, warm with warm) and change it up only at key points.

Doing so will enable you to create a seamless transition between the arrival, the ceremony, and the reception. The trick is to find a way to mesh all of those into your sherwani. 

An experienced guide can help you figure out which colors will best convey your thoughts and hopes on this most special of days.


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