Engage!18 at the picturesque Fairmont Banff Springs was nothing short of phenomenal and even though it's been two weeks, we are still coming down from that #Engagehigh. The miracle team of Engage! Led by Kathryn and Rebecca ensured everything was perfect right down to the weather. The duo never ceases to amaze Maharani Weddings with their magical touch.

The entire soiree took place at the Fairmont Banff Springs, a luxury hotel built in the 19th century. The backdrop of the mountains only added to the glamour of the Castle in the Rockies and within the castle walls, countless royalty from all over the world including Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe have been guests. But, there are some guests that haven't checked out.

The Ghost Bride is one of the most iconic legends of Fairmont. According to a popular legend, a young couple got married in the 1930's in the castle and while the bride ascended a marble staircase her gown brushed against a candle and in a panic, the bride tripped and fell to her demise. Full of intrigue and romance, we, unfortunately, were not able to meet the castle's most iconic guest.

How can there be an Engage! Event without the swag; it's like Christmas in June! Set up as an adorable trading post, our favorite items included a blanket by Hudson Bay Company and a Roots Canada sweatshirt. Clad in Plaid as we like to call it! Kathryn and Rebecca had an impressive lineup up of speakers that filled the room with inspiration and pep. After another outfit change (outfit changes are key to Engage!), we headed outdoors to the welcome party.

Yummy Canadian delicacies like elk tartar and fun activities like ax throwing and a dog sledding team set a festive tone for the evening. Knowing what your crowd wants, is always the key component to any good party, and the Engage! dream team kept us partying until the wee hours of the night, but dusk in Banff, Canada isn't about 11 pm! Highlighted below are some of our favorite images and our gallery hosts the whole event. 

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Day 2 is just around the corner! See you in a twinkle! 

Rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Host Hotel: Fairmont Banff Springs | Oversized Animals: Fibre Glass Animals | Live Event Support Specialist: FireDog Collective INC | Floral: Flower Artistry (Lyn Chapman) | Event Planning Support: Julianne Young Weddings | Chairs | Tabletop Rentals: Modern Luxe Rentals | Rentals: Revelry Event Designers Space Design Production + Gala Event | Draping: SWAG DECOR | Cocktail Entertainment: The Grand Bevy | Art Direction: Two Paper Dolls | Gala Concept + Inspiration: WedLuxe | Angela Desveaux | Shadowbox Design: WedLuxe | Angela Desveaux | Gala Entertainment: West Coast Music | Photographer: Genevieve deManio Photography | Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck | Photographer: Love Life Images | Photographer: Paul Morse Photography