No wedding is fully planned until you have selected the caterer and developed the menu. This simple fact is especially true to Indian weddings, where it is not uncommon to see every ingredient carefully selected due to its religious symbolism and connection to both families. Here are some tips that may help you when it comes time to select the perfect caterer for your own wedding.


It is vital that you face the (wedding) music - you only have so much to spend. Sit down with both a wedding and financial planner to determine how much you can realistically spend on each part of your wedding service. By figuring out how much you can afford to spend in advance, you will be able to avoid sticker shock later on. A bonus tip - try to go below your budget whenever possible. This will guarantee that you have some “cushion” for the inevitable budget overrun. After all, a wedding is like a battle - no plan ever survives contact with the real world.


There are recipes that look good on paper and those that taste great. The only way to tell one from the other is to actually taste each item. Considering how extravagant wedding feasts can be, this is no small feat. To make the process go faster (and keep your waistline in check!) have a number of trusted friends and family members help you taste each dish.

Speak with your wedding planner about scheduling these taste testing sessions. Remember - while this is serious, it is also an opportunity to have fun! See which caterer prepares your favorite dishes the best way and guarantee your guests a dinner they will never forget!


Your wedding may require a dozen separate suppliers, depending on how extravagant the plans and how rare the source materials. Speak with your wedding planner and the caterers to determine how to get everything you need to make certain that your wedding goes perfectly. Some caterers have preferred suppliers, while others may use whoever you select. Figure this out now to give yourself time to figure out the supply list and negotiate the lowest possible prices. Your pocket book will thank you the morning after you say, “I do!”


Your wedding venue determines nearly everything about your else about your special day, and as such should be chosen first. It is only when you get the address that it is possible to find the right catering company – because, simply, the best options is the worst if it can’t deliver!

Consider your catering service to be a much more extravagant version of call-in delivery services. Would you order in dinner from a company located an hour away? No – by the time it got to you the food would be cold and the delivery charge would have shot through the roof.

The best companies will tell you immediately whether or not they can help, just from the address. If the answer is no ask them who they would suggest in your area. It is amazing how often companies work together to make certain that clients’ needs are fulfilled – so a simple referral may point you in the right direction!

Finding the perfect Indian wedding caterers does not need to be an insurmountable challenge. By taking the time to carefully consider your needs and budget you can immediately narrow the field to just the most promising prospects. From there, it is just a matter of comparing their menus, experience, and how well you “get along” with their staffs.

Remember - this is your special day. Reach out to an Indian wedding planner to make certain that every detail is perfect.

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