The time has come - you and your spouse have settled on a marriage date. Everything is quickly being planned out and all you have left to do is figure out the guest list and send out the invitations. One small quirk, though - you don’t have the foggiest idea as to how to properly handle this task. Fear not - this article will give you the basics you need in order to avoid making a mess out of Indian wedding invitation etiquette. Here are the top things you should, and shouldn’t, do when creating your guest list and preparing to send out the invitations.

Things to Do

Make a Guest List in Advance

It is vital that you do not create the wedding invitations until after you have settled on how many people to invite and who they are. Once you have done this, everything from the location to the date should be vastly easier to figure out.

Mail Well in Advance

Some of your guests may be traveling from overseas.  Traveling overseas is not something you can do on a whim. Visas need to be obtained, plane tickets purchased, and of course the joys of finding a decent hotel from clear on the other side of the globe.

Make certain your overseas guests have ample time to make the appropriate arrangements by sending out the invitations at least 10 weeks in advance. This will also take care of situations in which the letter may be delayed due to bad weather or accidents.

Be Mindful of RSVPs

Traditional Indian wedding invitations do not include an RSVP, though this has changed and most invitations now have RSVP. However, if your wedding includes guests from non-Indian backgrounds, it may be considered proper to include an RSVP card. Just make certain you do not send them to the wrong people!

Things Not to Do

Use Store-Bought Invitations

Indian weddings are world renowned for their extravagance and unique takes on every aspect of the ceremonies. This extends to the invitations. Try to make certain that they are customized for your specific wedding by including elements that will be seen during the happy day.

Request Gifts

On no circumstances reference a gift registry or request gifts in the invitation. This is considered poor form for nearly all wedding traditions, both Indian and Western. Instead, put a note in there saying that the bride and groom are ready to answer any and all questions. If someone asks, take it as an opportunity to explain gift-giving and its role in an Indian wedding.

Make the Invitation Overly Religious

Modern weddings often include guests from a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. Take that into account when creating your invitation. If in doubt, go with a secular card. The last thing you need to do is accidentally confuse or insult someone by including a religious quote the recipient may be unfamiliar with!

If you have any difficulties with this, speak with your wedding planner. He will be glad to provide tips to help you create an invitation that is welcomed by all without!

Indian wedding invitations and stationery are beautiful works of art. Beyond that, they symbolize centuries of tradition and reflect you and your spouse’s hopes and dreams for the future. Your choices in how you design the invitations, and who you send them out to, will go a long way to determining how your wedding will play out. Speak with an experienced Indian wedding planner today to make certain that every detail is perfect. After all, this event will signify the start of your lives together. Every detail that can be made perfect, should. The two of you deserve it.

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