Finding the perfect photographer for your wedding may appear to be a nearly insurmountable challenge. After all, anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a “photographer.” The trick is to separate those who consider photography a nice hobby from those that have spent the time developing the skills and portfolio needed to truly earn the title of professional wedding photographer. Here are some tips to help you get the best Indian wedding photography possible.


“You get what you pay for.” This saying is true when commissioning work in any industry, especially those that require a keen eye and exceptional talent. However, it is essential that you remain within your budget, whatever that may be. Collect sample prices from a number of different photographers and review their work online.  This will help you find the best photographer for your wedding ceremony and related festivities.

Ask for a list of recommended photographers from your talented wedding planner. This can go a long way to making this a very simple and stress-free process.


Every photographer has his or her unique approach to wedding photography. Sit down with each photographer with an open mind and ask how they handle the process from beginning to end. Take copious notes and review them later on with those closest to you and the wedding planner.

Including the wedding planner at this stage is vital. The planner will be able to spot any issues that will hamper your wedding day, potentially negotiating changes that will save you money or add something special to your wedding ceremony.

Done early enough, this will enable you to include the artist in your wedding plans. You will be amazed at how much more smoothly your special day will run when everyone is on the same page.


Photography and portfolio building go together like peanut butter and jelly. Any photographer worth his salt will amass a sizable portfolio of weddings, celebrations, and general events that you will be able to use to gauge his overall skill. Make certain that the samples you receive cover several different weddings. Anyone can take a good picture at one ceremony, only the best can take amazing shots at dozens of weddings.

Portfolios come in many different forms, from web pages to print outs. Ask for samples you can keep so that you can compare them later with your wedding planner and closest family members. Make certain to pass the favor along afterward - give the photographer permission to use a couple of pictures in his portfolio!


Anyone can pick up a camera and call himself a photographer. Thankfully, professional photographers undergo training (both in the classroom and under other experienced photographers) to gain the skills needed to serve the community. This is a good thing to have your wedding planner figure out, since he will have the experience needed to determine if the credentials are valid.

However, do not rely on training alone. There is a reason why this was mentioned after the portfolios - even the best trained people can be less than magnificent. Utilize both training and experience to determine which photographer you should turn to.

Finding the best Indian wedding photographers appears to be a challenge at first. However, if you are willing to take the time to look into the prospective photographers’ backgrounds, it becomes relatively easy to spot those whom are worthy of choosing to allow to document your blessed event. Just remember to factor in their cost, personal style, portfolio, and experience when determining which photographer will best work for your nuptials.

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