If there is one constant in wedding ceremonies around the world it is the inclusions of sweet treats before and after the ceremony. This is especially true for both traditional and modern Indian weddings. Here are some friendly suggestions to help you select the best Indian wedding cakes and treats for your upcoming nuptials.

Finding the Right Bakery

There are multiple ways to find the perfect bakery, though the most common is to ask for suggestions by experienced wedding planners. When settling down to plan your wedding make a point to ask what bakeries are commonly used by other Indian couples and why.

Check online for recently married Indian couples in your community if such a list is unavailable. Remember - knowledge is power. The more information you have at this stage the easier it will be to make certain that your special day has the finest treats available.

Once you have the list gathered make appointments to sample their wares and obtain price estimates. This step is best handled after you have a good idea as to the number of attendees that will be attending your wedding. If you are using an American tradition - the RSVP card - you will potentially have all the information needed to prevent the inclusion of potential allergens in the treats themselves. Again, remember that knowledge is power.

Designs and Fillings

The designs and fillings are based upon your personal preferences and the wedding’s theme. Sit down with the wedding planner and go over your wedding’s general design. You will be amazed at how often couples connect linen or flower selections with the cake design.

The cake filling itself is usually connected with the rest of the dishes prepared for the post-ceremony dinner. As with all selections, make a point to try to understand what dietary restrictions your guests may bring to the table and accommodate them. You will be amazed at how often chocolate allergies crop up!

One note about common “tricks” - most do not work. It is better to have a two layer cake than a three if the alternative is having a fake layer that may turn a special treat into a mockery of fine baked goods.

Cake Toppings

Follow the baker’s advice when it comes time to select cake toppings. Each cake is different, meaning certain types may not be able to hold the toppings you truly want. If a certain topping is essential, bring it with you to the initial meeting. This will make certain that there are not any issues later on that will result in a drastic change to your order. Planning ahead will save you, and the baker, the hassle of “fixing” a broken cake!


Figure out how much you can spend and the projected attendance for your wedding. Both of these figures will inform the baker and wedding planners as to what can be done. If your budget is too small to accommodate everyone, consider making some of the treats in-house. This will help spare cash and add a family-building event to your special day.

Selecting the perfect Indian wedding cake and treats doesn’t have to be a time consuming challenge. Take this task as an opportunity to experience treats from bakeries around the city. You will be amazed at how often the finest treats can be had from bakeries you have never heard of before. Who knows - you may discover the bakery you stop by every day after you say “I do” for the perfect snack or loaf of bread!

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