The Mehndi ceremony is one of the oldest women-only traditions still practiced in the world. It is a time where the bride and her closest friends and family gather to create intricate henna tattoos that play vital social and religious roles in traditional Indian weddings.

If you are invited to one of these intimate ceremonies there are a lot of things you need to consider, including the vital question, “What should I wear to a Mehndi Indian wedding ceremony?” Here are some culturally acceptable clothing items you can wear during these events. Regardless of what you decide, remember that this event is meant to be a fun time for all concerned!

However, it is important to realize that what you wear will dictate what sort of temporary tattoo you will receive. More coverage, less henna!


This garment consists of a drape that is wrapped around the waist with one end being draped around the shoulder, showing your midriff.

There are a large number of popular styles, including with accessories like a fitted bodice commonly known as a Choli or Ravike.

This is perfect for ceremonies where traditional dress is encouraged - and can be worn as a comfortable garment for years afterward. It is a must-have garment for any woman serious about developing an appreciation of Indian culture.

One note of warning - do not choose red. That color is reserved for the bride by tradition.

Lehenga Choli

A traditional form of dress, it comes in many different forms depending on the specific state it is from and the occasion.

The most common form this stakes is the Choli, which can be worn in combination with the Saree. This dress is popular throughout South-East Asia, with forms common in regions as disparate as Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Day to day wear often sees this garment used in conjunction with either a salwar or kurti to form a complete ensemble perfect for daily or special use.

It is a more concealing outfit, thus is perfect for those seeking only a minimal amount of henna tattooing.

Like with all Indian garments, it is available in a wide variety of colors. Just make certain that you do not choose red!

Anarkali Suit

This garment resembles a traditional western dress and leggings. It hails from Lahore, Pakistan and is designed to highlight a woman’s finest physical features.

It incorporates a tightly fitting waist, flowing skirt, and a trim top.

This outfit, while majestic in its flows and design, is not really suited for those seeking extensive henna tattoos. The long sleeves all but conceal the arms, leaving only the hands for decoration.

The Anarkali Suit is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it possible to enjoy a dress that is perfect for both the wedding and daily life afterward.

Consult the bride when selecting the dress. It may be possible to choose a pattern and color that matches the theme of the wedding, enabling you to add to the festivities without any extra effort on your part!

Wearing your best is a must for any social gathering. When it comes to participating in a Mehndi ceremony, your best is whatever makes you feel comfortable while still respecting Indian traditions. If you have any questions, reach out to the bride. She should be more than glad to help you make certain that her wedding is perfect from start to finish! Just remember that what you wear will impact the henna tattoos you will be able to receive. So pick the perfect dress and participate in this amazing, historic, ceremony today!

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