Indian weddings are famous for the extravagance. A great deal of effort is put into making certain that every aspect of the event, from the venues to the dresses, stand out from the pack. This includes deciding what vehicles the couple should use when arriving and leaving the wedding venue. Here are some interesting Indian wedding transportation ideas you can use when planning your own special day.

Chartered Planes/Helicopters

This one is certain to amaze your guests. If the venue is located near or on a private landing strip, it is possible to incorporate these unique forms of transportation into your special day.

Just make certain there are backups in place in the event that the weather is too choppy for you to use them. Remember that even if it is beautiful on the ground, it could be too windy to fly!

Always check with your local authorities well in advance if you choose to incorporate a plane into your wedding plans. Many places around the world have restricted airspace to protect public safety - the last thing you need to do is face a nasty ticket for accidentally violating one of them!


Boats are perfect for wedding ceremonies that are being celebrated at a beach or dock. Have the boat’s captain navigate you right next to where the vows will be exchanged and walk off, surrounded by your friends and loved ones.

It is even possible to have the ceremony take place on the boat (as long as the guests can see!) Check with your local authorities about any possible restrictions that may make it more difficult to incorporate a boat into your wedding plans.

Vintage Cars

Cars have been around long enough to develop their own history. Use this for weddings that incorporate new with old, especially if you can obtain a car dating back several decades.

Truly vintage vehicles are elegant and rare enough to stand out in your guests’ minds.

Horse-Drawn Carriage

A truly “traditional” component of many wedding ceremonies, horse drawn carriages add a touch of class and elegance to ceremonies that may be lacking nature in their designs.

This is perfect for couples having their wedding in urban areas with little access to grasslands or wooded plains.

The carriages can easily be decorated - or even used as inspiration for the wedding’s theme.

There is one thing you should bear in mind if you choose to incorporate horses into your wedding - they need to eat and relieve themselves. Speak with an animal care specialist about what you need to do to guarantee that these noble animals can grace your Indian wedding without causing a smelly distraction.


As a westerner what he sees when he visualizes an Indian wedding and you are almost guaranteed to hear, “Elephants!” While not common in modern Indian weddings, these noble creatures can be used to help make the couple “stand above” the crowd this wedding season.

Elephants can be easily decorated to match the theme of your wedding. Though it is important to understand they need plenty of room so should only be utilized in situations where they can relax during the ceremony. Speak with a local animal care specialist to learn what accommodations should be made to your wedding venue to make the attendance of one of these majestic animals possible.

When deciding on the perfect form of transportation for your wedding it is important to consider the pros and cons of each method. Speak with your wedding planning specialists to see which options are possible and have fun creating a truly unique experience for yourself and your guests!

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