Planning and hosting a beautiful wedding is the greatest hope many young couples have as they set out to start building a life together. However, planning the perfect ceremony can be perceived to be a nearly insurmountable challenge for those with limited experience in such matters. Here are some ideas to help you when it comes time to decide which Indian wedding floral and decoration choices best showcase your love and devotion.

Venue Selection

Traditional Indian weddings are held outdoors. This helps connect the couple with nature and solve the perennial challenge of figuring out where to put all the guests. Take a look at all the unique outdoor places surrounding your community and see which of them would be ideal to host a large gathering.

You do not need to spend a fortune to find the perfect place. It can be truly amazing at how beautiful a wedding at the local national park can be. Just make certain you find the venue first before making any design choices. For instance, using drapes in a windswept plain may not be the wisest design choice you could make.


Indian culture places a large amount of emphasis on lighting. The more of it, the better. Especially during the actual wedding ceremony and final reception. A good way to make certain there are no blind spots is to do a quick walk-through the day before the ceremonies and add additional strings of lights wherever a shadow has the audacity to appear.

Make certain that you do not have the lighting stand out on its own. Incorporate each fixture into some other component, for instance have the LED strands mixed in with floral arrangements to make the flowers truly come alive.

Color Schemes and Details

Indian weddings are world-renowned for being among the most elegant and impeccably designed events in modern human history. One of the most important component that goes into designing these weddings is determining the perfect color scheme to use. Here are some of the most popular color palates you can use when designing your special day.

Gold and Silver

When mixed with modern LED light strands, gold and silver can truly pop when used in a natural setting. Imagine how your Mandap will look decked out in gold next to beautiful trees and green-filled hills.

Lilly White and Opal

White, while not traditional, can be truly effective if your goal is to highlight how others look. If you wish to make those attending your wedding the centerpiece, then muting the colors of the decoration is the way to go!

Purple and White

Traditional Indian weddings are often filled with marigolds and roses. Purple orchids have recently grown in popularity, so by mixing them with white flowers and drapes you can add modern design elements to a traditional ceremony with ease. Plus the rich contrast between purple and greenery will look amazing during the ceremony!


The right flowers can help turn a nice wedding into one for the record books. Make certain to incorporate a multitude of flowers like roses, orchids, and marigolds to create a color-and-scent filled experience no one will ever forget!

Start the floral decorations with the engagement ceremony. This will give you a base to use when deciding the right flowers to incorporate in all the other ceremonies.

Designing and hosting a truly unique wedding requires a great deal of consideration and courage. Take your time to carefully consider every option in front of you. Don’t be afraid to do something different - after all, all dearly held traditions were brand new at some point!

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