Planning your wedding is no easy feat. With all the moving parts and pieces to plan, not only is it time consuming, but those dollars add up! Your wedding day is a milestone that’s one of the biggest investments of your life. Wouldn’t you want some peace of mind knowing that investment is protected?

Wedding insurance doesn’t have the same excitement and frills as choosing your flower arrangements, picking a dress or designing invitations, but it’s just as vital to your wedding planning checklist. While you’re not thinking that things will go wrong, sometimes, the unexpected occurs. What if your photographer cancels, your dress gets damaged or your dream venue closes on you last minute? These are real-life scenarios that have happened to many brides, but thanks to wedding insurance, it’s helped dry a lot of tears and reimburse a lot of dollars.

WedSafe Wedding Insurance has evolved into the premier wedding insurance program in the United States. They have earned this title through a long history of providing quality coverage and service excellence to protect thousands of brides and grooms. With two products to choose from, you can sleep soundly knowing you have protection on your big day.

  • Liability Insurance: For weddings in unconventional venues like parks, museums or private estates, you may be required to purchase this, which may protect you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents.
  • Cancellation/Postponement Insurance: If you’re forced to postpone or cancel your wedding, this coverage may provide reimbursement for losses & expenses, such as severe weather, sudden illness, no-show vendors, damage to attire, photos, gifts & more.

Protect your wedding investment and request a quote today!

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