There are a few days more special throughout a young couple's life than the day they exchange valves and become husband and wife. However, it is essential to understand the costs that go into a traditional Indian wedding and be able to make certain that they find a way to keep it within a certain budget. Here are 9 tips that show how you can have an Indian wedding without a Taj Mahal sized budget.

Know Your Budget

It is essential that you know how much you are working with before going as far as setting a date. By having a budget you will be able to immediately identify potential issues that could derail the happiest day of your life. As a tip – if you know your budget well in advance it is possible to adjust it by adding more to your savings as the day approaches.

Keep the Guest List Small

One of the easiest ways to destroy a budget is to simply have too many people show up. You do not need to invite every extended relative you have in order to make the day truly special. Perhaps, focus only on those that are part of your daily lives and utilize modern technologies such as web broadcasting to enable extended relatives to attend virtually. This is especially handy in situations where parts of the family live on different continents.

 Have a Plan

Knowing how much you can spend is only half the challenge. Knowing what you're spending it on is the second half – by having a wedding budget planned out you will be able to identify potential hurdles before they have a chance to sap your savings and add stress to this special day.

Be Creative with the Pre-Events

One of the most costly aspects of modern Indian weddings are the pre-events, which often occur at expensive venues with numerous guests. Instead, host the events at a relative’s house and only have very close friends and family participate.

Remember that this time is meant to be about connecting with your friends and family. You do not have to spend a fortune to experience a wedding you will be talking about decades down the road.

Consider Doing Away with the Venue

Much in the same vein as with the pre-events, consider hosting the ceremony and banquet at home. If your guest list is short enough it may be possible to have the entire thing done at home.

 Restrict Gift-Giving to Close Family

Gift-giving is a major component of traditional Indian weddings. It is what cements the bounds between all participants, though does not need to include everyone. Have only a few members exchange gifts and separate this exchange from the main festivities. This will reduce the pressure and costs associated with this tradition.

Cut Spending on Non-Essentials

Do you need sashes on every chair? While they look lovely, sashes also carry a significant cost. Take a look at every expense that does not feed directly into the ceremony and surrounding events. Those decorations and services may be cut without reducing the experience.

No Plan Ever Goes Right

Recognize that at some point you will be spending more than expected. To keep this from being a problem, keep costs below your budget. Doing so will give you some wiggle room when the time comes.

Focus on What People Will See

Use your decoration budget only on areas where there will be the maximum amount of traffic/focus. Do you need custom mats by the front door when everyone will be out back? 

Be creative and you will have a gorgeous wedding day!

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