When you form the ultimate Indian wedding dream team consisting of planning and design by Events by Demask, beats by Empire Entertainment, and the photographic work of L'Atelier Lumière International Photographie, you just have to know that you are in for one stellar Indian wedding celebration. Of course at the heart of it, all are the Indian wedding vendors that continuously perfect their craft to create your dream wedding! Kritika knows exactly what I'm talking about! "Rahul and I were both equally involved with planning the wedding details, we wanted the experience to be as stress-free for us and our families and so our first step was to hire a wedding planner.  Instagram helped narrow down many of our ideas and we sourced those to local vendors that were creating similar images. We put time and effort into contracting some amazing vendors who then made our dreams into reality with their creativity." There is something so magical about how an Indian wedding comes to be! Kritika's beauty squad put together the beautiful goddess you see in front of you. Lesonne Bridal created a timeless look on Kritika that was both traditional Indian glamour intermixed with modern sophistication. The dynamic relationship between the two just radiates from my screen and I have to admit - every image is my favorite! The outpouring of love can be found in our full gallery

photo #169286
indian wedding gallery,outdoor photography,indian bride,bridal jewelry
indian wedding gallery,indian bride getting ready,indian bride,bridal jewelry
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indian wedding gallery,outdoor photography,indian bride and groom
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indian wedding gallery,outdoor photography,indian bride and groom,indian bridesmaids and groomsmen
indian wedding gallery,outdoor photography,indian bride and groom
indian wedding gallery,outdoor photography,indian bride,indian bridesmaids

I don't want you to miss a beat! So I must insist you join me for the classic Indian wedding coming right up!