Happy Thanksgiving Maharanis! As we wrap up 2017, we are eternally grateful to all of our dedicated readers. Each Indian wedding we get to experience through the lens of all of our very talented wedding photographers have been received with an outpouring of love. As you sit down with your family to give thanks, don’t forget all the barriers you have overcome. Whether you are an Indian wedding planner with a last minute vendor cancellation or a Maharani whose photographer is missing on your big day; we feel your pain and Maharani Weddings is dedicated to help you find the perfect partnership. We have charted hundreds of Indian weddings and are absolutely amazed with the cascade of creative put in each and every Indian wedding. 

But, most of all we are indebted to the art of love. Without it, the world would be that less merrier. So, cheers to a creative, innovating, and inspiring 2018. We absolutely cannot wait to share with you all the exciting ventures we have in store for our beloved Maharanis. 

Happy Thanksgiving, dolls. 

Have a wonderful day! See you tomorrow! 

Photographer: Kokoro Photography