We are grinning ear to ear as we recall all the charming moments from Engage!17 Cayman Islands! The festivities ended with the coveted Gala. Here at Maharani Weddings we love color and beautiful shades of the rainbow; but, when paired with the white and silver clad guests, our hearts really skipped a beat. One of the greatest surprises? The ladies of En Vogue showed up to sprinkle the venue with a ton of magic. I couldn’t imagine being at this event without the amazing vendors and planners that tirelessly work to ensure that a bride’s magical day is just that for her and her family. We walked away from Engage!17 at the Kimpton Seafire Resort pumped with more motivation and inspiration than ever! Live out our special three day experience with the gorgeous photos in the gallery.

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We love this luxurious summit and absolutely can't wait to get back to work and present you with the utmost stylish Indian weddings to date! See you all tomorrow! 

Audiovisual Production: INTEC Research Production Services | Cinematographer: Cloud Nine Omnimedia | Creative Direction: Gifts for the Good Life | Custom Carpeting: Alma USA LLC | Entertainment: Elan Artists | Event Branding: Gifts for the Good Life | Event Accessories: Gifts for the Good Life | Event Decor | Artistic Direction: HMR Designs | Event Website: TPD Design House | Floral: DV Flora | Graphic Designer: Trisha Hay Design | Lighting: INTEC Research Production Services | Linens: Nuage Designs Inc. | Show Director: Trisha Hay Design | Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck | Photographer: John Cain Photography | Photographer: Laura Dee Photography | Photographer: Love Life Images Inc. | Photographer: Paul Morse Photography | Photography: Rebecca Davidson Photography | Production: Engaging Concepts | Tents: Raj Tents | Sound: INTEC Research Production Services | Staging: INTEC Research Production Services | Venue: Kimpton Seafire