Welcome back to Priya and Yatish’s wedding bash where we are left with so much photographic inspiration from Digital Digital Shaadi Films - PMistry Photography that we just had to share it with you lovelies! One of the most budding questions that a photographer gets is “how should we pose?” or “I don’t know where to put my hands” so we wanted to dedicate this post for bridal party portraits to showcase some inspiration. Priya and Yatish’s wedding party got in on the action and as you can tell, everyone brought their unique blend to the forefront! Capturing your big day is one of the most important elements of any bride’s wedding. After securing your venue the next step is to find that perfect shot caller and Maharani Weddings wants to help you out! We have curated the perfect vendor list for local photographers in your area here. Take a gander to find the most perfect match! In the meantime, we have hand selected a treasure chest of fond memories in our gallery. Take a look and drop a comment below on your favorite pose.

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photo #112784
photo #112778
photo #112782
photo #112781
photo #112776
photo #112779
photo #112783

We have one last stop for the wedding ceremony and reception party with all star DJ Asad Motiwala of Outspoken Visions Entertainment coming right up