It all started off with a mug of hot chocolate and laughter that turned into a lifetime of memories for Maharani Rupinder and Teghkaran. The proposal came soon after and before she knew it, Rupinder was planning her big day with Lifetime Events by Jacqueline. Every bride dreams of that perfect wedding outfit. Whether you are celebrating your heritage, carrying on your mother’s traditional family wedding dress, or slipping into a one of a kind designer piece; every garment has a story. For Rupinder, her classic Sikh salwaar kameez was extra special because of her deep-rooted Sikh background. However, Rupinder didn’t stray away from modern sophistication and chose an outfit in a rich shade of pink. Hair and makeup was kept soft and regal by Susmita Patel. No Indian bride would be complete without arms and legs full of intricate, motif designs and Rupinder brought on Mehndi by Monika as her featured mehndi artist. Vaaho Photography got in on all the live action that we cannot wait to share with you all. Head into the gallery shot by StoryMotion Studios for your daily dose of love and read on below as Rupinder unveils her very own love journey.

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?

We met, of all places, on Coffee Meets Bagel! This is definitely an unlikely place to meet your soulmate but it happened! Our first date was amazing as he really put the efforts to make our first meeting amazing, including delicious hot chocolate and the museum of art, which I have always wanted to check out. In just a few dates, our connection grew stronger when we realized our backgrounds and core beliefs were very much in-line with each other. With the similarities we had, and the fact that he always made me smile and laugh, it was easy to call him the "one" after just a few dates.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!

It was perfect!! He re-created our epic first date by proposing to me at the same spot where we first held hands. He made sure the proposal was exactly what I had imagined, including arranging both our families, some who traveled from different states, to celebrate our big day with us.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.

Planning a wedding is not an easy process, however if you have the right help (including family and friends), the process is much less stressful. I made sure I wasn't shy about asking for help from family because the amount of detailed attention that goes into wedding planning is pretty insane. The vendors were all brought on-board based on friends and family recommendations. I wanted to go off of recommendations only because than I knew what to expect. In the end, I could not have been happier with my vendor selection as they all worked so hard to make out weekend just perfect. I think of all the vendors, the one I had to really carefully keep track of was our florist because, let me tell you, if you let them do what they want, you'll end up spending 10X more than you expect :). I most importantly appreciated my venue staff. They have been extremely accommodating with our needs and requests, which was important for us due to the size of our wedding and specifications from our family members.

Overall, planning was stressful, but all worth it in the end to have had such a spectacular wedding I'll never forget.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?

The music, by far.  My husband and I both agreed that the music was the most important part of our wedding sangeet and reception.  Without that, there would be no party.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?

The speeches from both our families. They were all so beautiful and they came from the heart, which meant to the most to me.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.

We had a number of events leading up to the wedding, however the sangeet and reception were the two biggest where we really put a lot of focus into the décor, dancing, music, drinks and food. We wanted our sangeet to be more traditional, so we decorated our hall with beautiful candles, and elaborate colors. Our reception was more romantic and had a gold theme to it. Both were very different, but both were equally fun and just stunning visually.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?

Yes, stay calm on your big day and take in as many moments as you get.  The day will fly by, and you will want to remember every detail for as long as you can.  And just remember, you are the princess so make sure you feel like one

Coming right up with the wedding and a reception party DJ'd by the stellar team at Planet DJ Productions

Planning & Design: Lifetime Events by Jacqueline | Baraat: Equishare Baraat Horses, Rickshaws and Carriages | Accommodations: Hilton Westchester | Bridal Fashions: Sabyasachi | Cakes & Treats: Greentree Country Club | Catering: Saffron | Dj & Entertainment: DJ USA (Sangeet) | Lighting: DJ USA (Sangeet & Reception) | Sound: DJ USA (Sangeet & Reception) | Dj & Entertainment: DJ Biks (Planet DJ Productions) | Floral & Décor: Mayuri's Floral Design | Hair & Makeup: Susmita Patel | Priest: Sugit Singh | Venue (Sangeet): Hilton Westchester | Venue (Ceremony & Reception): Greentree Country Club