The thrill of going from dating to engaged is truly delightful, and the rock on your finger is just the beginning of instant gratification. Soon, you and your beau will begin to brainstorm over your wedding registries, and trust us when we say that it’s going to be a tad overwhelming. With a plethora of department stores and dedicated registries available, you might  feel like you want a little bit of everything, resulting in endless lists. But what if we told you that there exists a wedding registry where you combine brands, curate experiences and cash funds all in one place? Zola is redefining the wedding registries biz with their curated assortment of the best products and brands in the world, while simplifying the registry experience for you. The best part? It works like Pinterest - you can add a gift to your Zola registry from any website, and create collections for your guests to easily navigate through. Maharani Weddings talked with the experts over at Zola to bring you the best wedding registry hacks to help you kickstart your wedded life: 

1. Think Money: A cash gift is really invaluable and also convenient from the perspective of the guest. You could purchase anything of your choice - a part of your home, honeymoon, or car! If you can, mention how you are going to use that money. On Zola, you can create a Cash Fund for practically anything, and Zola prides itself on having the lowest cash fee for funds. “We love that our friends and family can contribute to our future and adventures together,” shared Liane & Mark who used the Cash Fund service on Zola. Your family and friends can even group gift and contribute any amount they wish. 

2. Be organized: Zola's Planner feature is just the thing you need to sail through the organization aspect. All you have to do is input an approximate number of guests and Zola will tell you how many gifts you need, and even break it down by price. One of our favorite Zola features is the Thank-You Note Manager that keeps track of who got you what and when. Staying organized with your registry will seriously help you declutter and de-stress.

3. Upgrade your home: As a modern couple, you may feel like you have everything you need for your new home. Think of your registry as an opportunity to receive something you wouldn’t buy yourself, like copper cups for Moscow mules or an electric fondue setZola features some of the best and most unexpected gifts from over 450 brands, both established and emerging, ranging from appliances to cookware, bedding and bath, and decor items for every corner of your home!

4. Make it a smooth experience for your guests: The more you help your guests with the gift-giving process, the easier it will be for both of you. The Personalized Page option on Zola allows you to curate a registry that reflects your personal style, and include photos, notes, and URLs for your guests. This will definitely make your registry user-friendly. 

5. Invest in an experience: Nothing beats the gift of experiences and Zola is the expert of that! From wine tasting to deluxe massages and irresistible memberships and wedding albums, the world is truly your oyster with the experiential registry option at Zola. What’s more, it will be a gift that you will remember and cherish forever!

Still can’t decide what you want? You’re in luck because Zola has a Personal Registry Advisor service, Starter Guides and Collections, and features Zola-favorite registries, all aimed to help you build your own from scratch! Zola is easily one of the most impressive registry services we have come across, especially if you have little to no knowledge of how registries work. Here's a gorgeous couple that had a delightfully positive experience using Zola for their wedding!